Big Summer Science Workshop

Posted: 4th July 2023

Big Summer Science Workshop

This Summer, to create an exciting buzz around STEM learning in Worthing and surrounding areas, we have invited ‘Hands On Science’ group to come into our school and host a BIG Summer Science Workshop. As part of our dedication and passion for inspiring all young people in science technology, engineering and maths – we are offering the day FREE of charge to all local children aged between 9-11 (regardless of whether they are a Sion school pupil or go to school elsewhere).

Your child will take part in not one, but FIVE individual science workshops – with hands-on experiments and case studies for them to get sunk into.


Can you build then land your spacecraft safely from space? We give you the tools and techniques you need to get a safe landing. This primary science workshop covers a lot of STEM topics including materials and their properties and forces. Today people survive car crashes that would have killed them only 10 years ago – Why? Because of scientific discoveries and inventions about safety of materials, combined with principles of physics. Scientists have saved many lives as a result of working out how to slow things down safely. In the world of space exploration scientists and engineers have been facing the same challenges. We will share some of their techniques with your children and help them to put the learning into practice. At the end of the session every child takes part in the spacecraft challenge. They place their egg cargo in their Mars Lander and hope to make a safe landing. Everyone will be amazed at the number that survive “The Long Drop”. Energy, Forces, Space Exploration and a great workshop climax- this workshop has it all. We use real eggs as it adds to the excitement – but we have a “crafty” way of making sure there isn’t a mess.


A constellations space workshop is all about Nebulas, Supernova, and Light years. Pupils make a star viewer. Our stars and space workshop gives children the practical skills to make careful observations of the sky. They learn how to draw, name and label constellations and stars. Children love making their very own constellation finder. They take home and share their finder with their families and explore the sky at home.


Get to grips with the concepts behind Black Holes in this innovative workshop. Children build a black hole model to take home. ‘Black Holes’ takes a difficult concept and makes it simple to understand. We do this using the right words and practical investigations. Children learn how we discovered and proved the existence of black holes. Together we explore how black holes form. We investigate the role of black holes in the universe. This is fun, practical science at its best – prompting investigation and correct use of scientific language. We guarantee that the black holes children make are for demonstration only. So its perfectly safe to try one at home.


CSI Biometrics is pupil led – they learn how to investigate and identify someone, using their unique physical characteristics including the use and processing of fingerprints. We collect and examine lots of different information about our bodies. What makes us unique? We explore both our differences and our similarities. Children will be quick to grasp the relevance of this information in detective work. Pupils develop their own observation and investigation skills, collecting and recording their own bio-metric data. They also play a detective game, based on bio-metric data.


At a Crime Scene it is amazing what you can work out from a shoe print. With new skills we investigate Who, Where, What and When? Its a crime scene and our CSI Shoeprints workshop is all about detecting the criminal. Children learn to use their new skills to make footprint moulds, examine evidence and solve the Antiques Cabinet Mystery. This workshop develops skills in team working, attention to detail and the ability to examine and use evidence.



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