School Transport

Travelling by Car

Sion School encourages car sharing for all pupils (and staff) wherever possible – we expect all families to give this option their full consideration.  Car sharing helps the environment by decreasing carbon emissions by lowering the number of cars on the road – creating and maintaining a better future for our children. We are an environmentally conscious school and expect all our families to join us in making positive steps to reducing our carbon footprint.

School Minibus Transport Service

Every weekday, the school minibus runs a return service to the Senior School. Our school minibus routes are determined on a year by year basis in line with demand and always with a view to trying to accommodate as many collection areas as possible. However, spaces are subject to availability and a waiting list system is used.

We try to arrange mutually agreeable bus stop locations in safe and convenient places and currently operate a number of minibus routes, each with multiple stops, spanning a large area:

  • Westerly routes include stops up to and including the outskirts of Littlehampton
  • Easterly routes routes include stops up to and including the outskirts of Hove
  • North Westerly routes include stops up to and including Pulborough
  • North Easterly routes include stops up to and including Henfield
  • Several of our routes include stops in Worthing and surrounding areas

Junior School children can use the bus from Year 3 onwards or younger if they have an older sibling that they can travel with.

The commitment to use the minibus service is for a minimum of one term.

For more information

Applications can be made at any time, although early booking is encouraged to secure a space.

To request a space on one of the minibus routes, please complete the form below. If you have any other queries regarding the minibus service, please contact us

Parents and pupils are asked to sign a Terms and Conditions Agreement.

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Frequently asked questions:

What time does my daughter or son need to be at the bus stop?

School minibus users must be at their chosen bus stop 5 minutes before the allocated time. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that their children are at their stop in plenty of time.

What happens if children are late getting to the bus stop?

Owing to the full timetable and need to pick up other children, our minibuses have to depart each stop on time (never early) and aren’t able to wait for latecomers or for children to get out of waiting cars. It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to get their child to school if they miss their minibus.

What happens if the school minibus is delayed?

If the school minibus does not arrive at your stop in the morning within 10 minutes of its scheduled time, please call Reception at the School for an update on 01903 204063. In the rare event that a minibus breaks down, the School will provide alternative transport as soon as possible. Any users will remain on the minibus with the driver until a new minibus arrives. All children arriving late to School should report in person to Reception.

What happens if my child is ill or otherwise not using the minibus?

Please inform the driver by text as early as possible and no less than 15 minutes before pick up.

What happens if the weather is very poor?

The School will only close if the weather prevents staff and pupils travelling safely. In the event of such weather, parents will be informed via Clarioncall, text, social media and website alert before the first minibus pick up time.

What happens if my child has heavy/bulky luggage?

The drivers are happy to help store heavy and bulky luggage safely. It is your child’s responsibility to take all of their luggage off the minibus. Lost property is handed into Reception at the Senior School. Please inform the driver ahead of time for especially large loads as, if the bus is at near capacity, there are no spare seats to accommodate luggage.

Who supervises the journey?

The driver will stop the minibus and report any unsafe behaviour, to which the School’s disciplinary policies may apply.

What happens if my child stays on for an after school club or activity?

This is what many families do if their children stay at School for an after school club or activity:

  • Car sharing with another family
  • Travelling with a friend on public transport part or all the way home
  • Staying until the Library closes and then picked up by a parent

We hold a new parents’ event in September, where you can network and meet friends of your child. The School can also assist with putting you in touch with possible car sharers/travel companions nearby.

Please inform the driver by text or via the School Reception if your child has a change to their regular schedule.

Can my child have a guest on the bus?

This is subject to space availability. Where the minibus is at capacity, the school cannot agree to have guests as spare seats may only be due to a last minute change.