Original Minds Circle

The OMC (Original Minds Circle) brings together brilliant minds from Year 5 – Year 11 from anywhere in the local community, not just for students of Sion School.

Membership to the OMC is free and includes a number of events across the academic year offering opportunities for original thinkers to pro-actively engage with:

  • High level academic workshops
  • Inspirational lectures given by influential speakers
  • Energetic debates around significant topics
  • Scientific experimentation and research
  • Human psychology
  • The limitless possibilities of the human mind
  • Philosophy and ethics
  • The threat and potential of Artificial Intelligence
  • The life-giving friendship of nature
  • The unknown world of future technologies
  • The mind of the inventor and the not-yet invented

If you believe that your child/grandchild has the type of mind that would inspire and support this circle of original thinkers, we would love to hear from you.

A single thought could change the world

A circle of thinkers will build a better one


Upcoming Events

Easter Holidays

Wednesday 10th April

9:45 – 12:30

How have Humans changed the planet?

Professor Andy Cundy asks: What is the current impact of humanity on our planet, and has this shifted the Earth to a new planetary state (the “Anthropocene”)?

 Big Questions

  • What is the historical, current and possible future impact of humans on our land, air, seas, and ecosystems?
  • Has this impact been sufficient to mean that we’re now the dominant force on an “Anthropocene” planet?
  • How long will our impacts last, and what can we do about it?

 In this session

  • You will think about how the Earth system works, and how we can monitor and understand it.
  • You will examine how we can use environmental and geological evidence to see change in the Earth System, and see the global impact and “fingerprint” of human society.
  • You will discuss ways in which we can manage our impact to live more sustainably on the Earth.

Professor Andy Cundy 

  • Research Director, GAU-Radioanalytical
  • Director of Internationalisation
  • School of Ocean and Earth Science
  • National Oceanography Centre (Southampton)
  • University of Southampton

Andy is a Professor of Environmental Radiochemistry in the School of Ocean and Earth Science at the University of Southampton, and has spent most of his career looking at the impacts of humans on the environment, including the chemical and biological impacts of our industrial and other activities, and ways in which we can better manage these impacts. He is also a member of the Anthropocene Working Group, an international group of researchers examining whether the Earth has entered a new state in which humans have become the dominant planetary force – the “Anthropocene”.

(May Half Term)


Watch this space for more information on our Easter Holidays OMC Event.

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