Original Minds Circle

The OMC (Original Minds Circle) brings together brilliant minds from Year 5 – Year 11 from anywhere in the local community, not just for students of Sion School.

Membership to the OMC is free and includes a number of events across the academic year offering opportunities for original thinkers to pro-actively engage with:

  • High level academic workshops
  • Inspirational lectures given by influential speakers
  • Energetic debates around significant topics
  • Scientific experimentation and research
  • Human psychology
  • The limitless possibilities of the human mind
  • Philosophy and ethics
  • The threat and potential of Artificial Intelligence
  • The life-giving friendship of nature
  • The unknown world of future technologies
  • The mind of the inventor and the not-yet invented

If you believe that your child/grandchild has the type of mind that would inspire and support this circle of original thinkers, we would love to hear from you.

A single thought could change the world

A circle of thinkers will build a better one


Upcoming Events

October (Half term)

Wednesday 25th October

09:30 – 13:00

FREE to attend

From Hansel and Gretel to the Matrix: How critical thinking can make us better thinkers

For this exciting workshop, we look forward to welcoming Russ Ueno-Howells FRSA- a teacher, as well as an Applied, and Forensic Linguist. Russ has a long-standing interest in Critical Thinking and the structure of argument, and has lectured on these subjects in this country and throughout Southeast Asia.

For several years, he was Head of Gifted and Talented Education within a large independent college in the South of England where he taught Thinking Skills, Critical Thinking and Philosophy.

When the internet makes so much information available to us, and controversial and polemical positions are fiercely defended, how can we know what and whom to believe? Critical thinking helps us carefully identify, analyse, and judge claims made in arguments. It gives us the skills to think for and by ourselves and present our thoughts clearly and openly to others.”

(Summer Hols)

Tuesday 15th August

Wednesday 16th August

9am – 3.30pm


the BIG summer science workshop

Five interactive workshops in one day!

  • Mars Lander: Can you build then land your spacecraft safely from space? We give you the tools and techniques you need to get a safe landing.
  • Stars & Space: A constellations space workshop is all about Nebulas, Supernova, and Light years. Try your hand at making a star viewer.
  • Black Holes: Get to grips with the concepts behind Black Holes in this innovative workshop and then build a black hole model to take home.
  • CSI Biometrics: Learn how to investigate and identify someone, using their unique physical characteristics (such as fingerprints) develop observation and investigation skills, and collect and record your own biometric data.
  • CSI Shoeprints: At a Crime Scene it is amazing what you can work out from a shoe print. With new skills we investigate Who, Where, What and When? Make footprint moulds, examine evidence and solve the ‘Antiques Cabinet Mystery’ using evidence to go about detecting the criminal.

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