We know that children learn best when they are healthy, safe, and secure and when their individual needs are met, and when they have positive relationships with the adults caring for them. A positive Home/Nursery relationship is essential. This will always be our priority.

Being a relatively small nursery enables us to achieve those bespoke plans which support an individual’s learning journey through an inspirational education.

ImpresSION Nursery – where discovery and adventure begins

The moment you step foot into our bright, airy, and spacious Nursery School building – you will experience the warmth, security, and family environment that our children and parents love.

It’s a happy, busy place, full of energy and purposeful activity – this is where a love for learning begins.

This is where Sion’s youngest children experience what it means to be explorers on a momentous mission of discovery and adventure.

The Nursery is carefully designed to inspire your child to become an enthusiastic explorer of this planet they find themselves living on.


Nursery education is the first encounter that a child has with school-like learning.

That first impression matters.

These initial encounters should engage, inspire, ignite, and encourage a vibrant curiosity and a fervent love for discovery.  As teachers, we want to make a positive impression on the individual child.  This relationship is momentous.  Getting it right matters enormously.  The child is also making an impression on the teacher, other children, and the world.  Your child’s existence is significant and there must be celebration around this.  The impression that your child will have on this world will arise from the numerous encounters and experiences which occur each day.

ImpresSION recognises the significance of exploration and discovery in these early days of life. Making those right impressions from the very beginning of the learning journey really matters.

Known and Nurtured/ Unlocking individual potential – It must be about connecting with the child and unlocking the potential that is already there.  Encouraging a love for discovery and a “can-do” response to learning which comes from a really special, kind and warm relationship with the teacher.  It is only through authentic connection with a child, that the emerging potential will be uncovered or discovered.  It is through a deep and genuine connection with a child – even at this earliest point in their development – that we start to see wonderful things emerging as the child feels comfortable enough to explore without hindrance or hesitation because there is a sense of trust and safety cradling the whole experience.

Small ‘class’ sizes, big expectations  – we may be a small nursery, but our adventures are epic!  We want our children to be amazed, mesmerised and so full of wonder when we explore new learning.  Sion Education strives to maintain that energy throughout the educational journey.

Challenge for all/challenge+ – children reveal their affinities and interests at an early age.  These continue to change and develop over the years.   A Sion teacher will connect with the individual and notice these allures.  This is where additional challenges, questions and signposts can be utilised to lead a child even further into that area of interest, developing skills and brainpower further through that challenge+ mindset.  This should start at the earliest stage in the education journey.

An authentic care – helps to grow/cultivate self-belief (it’s ‘shaped’ as children move up the school).

Unlocking potential – deeper and wider understanding of the world around them.

Our team of Nursery practitioners are dedicated to igniting a love for learning through inspirational connection with each child.

They ensure that the learning experience emerges out of the statutory framework for the early years, fully engaging with those vital areas of learning:

  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

The Early Learning Goals support our Nursery Practitioners to make holistic, best-fit judgement about a child’s development, and their readiness for Reception and Year 1.

The ImpresSION experience is all about capturing the imagination and inspiring an energetic and reflective love for learning.

This can only be achieved through that authentic connection with the individual child – and this is central to Sion Education across all ages and stages.

We know that effective teaching and learning are experienced through:

  • Playing and Exploring
  • Active Learning
  • Creating and thinking critically

Our programmes of learning are carefully planned with the individual child in mind.