Senior School

Our Senior School is at the heart of a thriving local community and we not only engage actively in outreach activities in and around Worthing but also nationally.

We are Gold members of the Sussex Chamber of Commerce, working in partnership with local companies and employers to enrich our students’ understanding of their community and career opportunities. Sion is an Ambassador school for the Royal Society, ensuring STEM education is not only delivered passionately but offering numerous opportunities to students that are exciting and cutting edge.

With this wealth of networking possibilities we are able to tailor enrichment opportunities to individual interests and needs.

Sion School encourages students to thrive and achieve in every aspect of their lives.

Our Approach

At Our Lady of Sion School we encourage students to achieve in every aspect of their lives.

Although we are selective, our students come from a wide range of different backgrounds. Academic work is, of course, a core value, but equipping students with the skills required to foster and enable independent study and a thirst for lifelong learning are paramount.

We provide a broad and challenging curriculum, combining the best portions of traditional classroom learning with modern movements involving technology, AI and digital media. We enhance our pupils’ learning experience and help to develop a life-long love of learning. Each individual student’s needs and development are considered, known and nurtured – with regular discussion and mutually agreed, appropriate solutions to any challenges they face along their way.

Higher Order Thinking Skills

Within the classroom, our students are encouraged to use Higher Order Thinking Skills where they will be offered multiple opportunities to practise problem solving skills, think creatively, infer, actively question, make connections, design, analyse, frame their thoughts and communicate them to others. This is vital to ensure they can approach new problems and projects with a logical and questioning approach; that they know how to research and to question sources, make judgements and decisions independently, and to debate and think about issues critically and find solutions.

These are not just exam skills, these are life skills. Students who can apply, analyse, synthesise and evaluate effectively will always succeed. They will be our future leaders, engineers, designers, doctors, nurses, care providers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, managers and directors.