Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Our dedication to this area has been recognised with the national ISA (Independent Schools Association) Award in Mental Health and Well-being.

Pastoral care is a key part of life at Sion as we know a student must feel happy and supported to be able to learn. Sion is a small community which enables teaching staff to know and nurture each individual student. Sion Education is all about the child – the individual person. This is our focus and is essential to the positive relationships and holistic growth of our young people, from our Nursery right through to our Sixth Form.

Every student benefits from this inclusive community; where they are known and nurtured. Students are mentored to achieve their goals and ambitions. Well-being is a vital and important part of our students welfare.  To be able to be ourselves matters and this is essential to the positive culture of our school and the mental well-being of everyone.

Although the focus is upon the individual person, we recognise that we are a diverse community where everyone plays an important part in contributing their positive impact upon our Sion culture.  Through becoming the best version of ourselves, we build a united school family, where such a culture results in extraordinary outcomes.

A school plays an important role in ensuring that children can navigate the ever-evolving landscape of life.  Knowing how to face challenges in the academic arena, as well as learning skills which prepare them for adult life is crucial to the learning experience here.  Emotional intelligence, mental resilience, self-awareness and self-respect is explored and developed here in school.  Developing our young people (in partnership with parents and the extended family) to be positive, kind, generous and warmhearted contributors to society and even the world is the outcome of fully understanding our motto – Consideration Always.

A well-being programme is in place to guide students in Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PHSEE) and is delivered across all year groups. Within that programme, a range of up-to-date and current topics are covered as well as self-esteem, rights and responsibilities, personal relationships and money matters.