Our Fees

We aim to be as accessible as possible and Sion School is committed to providing quality education to pupils from all backgrounds. We would of course, love for our school to be free and accessible by all families however, we are an independent, fee-paying school. Instead, we have designed our fees to be highly competitive in comparison to other local private schools. We have narrowed the range of increase of fees as children move into the older year groups, to aid families in making a long-term commitment to the school for their child to reap the most benefits.

Admissions Fees Information

Registration Fee: A non-refundable fee of £50 is payable when you register your child for admission to Our Lady of Sion School.

Early Years: Our Lady of Sion School participates in the West Sussex County Council’s Early Years Free Entitlement scheme (also known as Free Childcare).

Deposit: Once an offer of a place has been made, parents are asked to pay a deposit of £250 to secure this place which will be returned at the end of their time with the school.

Sibling Discount: A 20% reduction is applied to the third, and any subsequent sibling, attending the school.

Direct Debits: Fees are due on, or before, the first day of term to which they relate. Termly fees may be paid in four equal instalments. Please ask for a direct debit mandate to pay monthly.

Bursaries: Our Bursaries scheme provides opportunities for children to achieve their full potential, by offering eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support with the payment of school fees. Such support is known as a bursary. Awards are merit or means based, or a combination of both. Scholarships are merit based and recognise and support excellence in four categories: Academic, Sports, Music, and Art. Bursaries are means tested and applied on a genuine needs basis. Please see our Bursaries & Scholarships page for more detailed information on the individual awards.

School Fees

Early Years  (Nursery aged 3-5yrs)

Opening hours 8.00am to 5pm, term time only

Sessions are priced at £6.50 per hour and subject to availability. The government ‘Early Years Free Entitlement’ scheme (also known as Free Childcare) funding can be applied to all booked sessions.

Please contact the Bursar’s office on: bursar@sionschool.org.uk if you require further details.

Junior School Termly Monthly Direct Debit
Reception, Years 1 and 2 £3,335 £834
Years 3 to 6 £4,030 £1,008
Senior School
Years 7 and 8 £5,075 £1,269
Years 9 to 13 £5,240 £1,310
Swimming £50 (where applicable)
Years 7-9 DT / F&N £40
Parents’ Association £3.50 (Optional)
  1. Additional fees may be applicable for trips, exam fees and some GCSE subjects. ‘Monthly’ payments are accepted by way of automated direct debit only, agreed and arranged in advance.

Wrap around care

We offer free wraparound care to all pupils by arrangement – starting from 8am, and covering until 5pm.

Notice of withdrawal

A minimum of one whole term’s notice of withdrawal of a pupil is to be given in writing no later than the first day of the pupil’s last term. This notice will be acknowledged by the Bursar within three working days of receipt. One term’s fees will be payable if the required notice is not received.


To pay for items such as Registration Fee, School Deposit, Exam fees, School-trips and other incidentals, please use ParentPay. This link will take you to the ParentPay website where you will need to put in an individual password (available from the Finance Office):

Welcome to ParentPay

For further information on how to register for ParentPay, please contact the Bursar on bursar@sionschool.org.uk.