Exam Results

As a result of the dedication of pupils and staff, exam results at Our Lady of Sion are always strong.

GCSE Results 2023

National Average

West Sussex Independent Schools

Sion School

Grades 4 – 9

(Previously C – A*)

67.8% 69.9% 90.1%


Grades 7 – 9

(Previously A – A*)

21.6% 20.9% 46.6%


GCSE Results 2023

Sion School would like to congratulate our 2023 Year 10 and 11 GCSE students who worked so hard to achieve such fantastic results. They showed true Sionian Spirit and individual determination to succeed. With a 94 % pass rate across the board, there are too many fantastic individual, and, whole school achievements to mention here but we wish them well as they move into Sion Sixth form and College.

Headteacher, Steven Jeffery wrote: “Our Class of 2023 should be immensely proud of themselves.  Their results exemplify years of hard work, focus, resilience, and persistence.  Achievement like this comes from core motivation, an aspiration to achieve full potential and an affirmative relationship between teacher and student.  The home/school partnership is also essential in each step along the journey towards academic excellence, and we therefore celebrate these results with teachers and parents too. Effort, along with that vital positive mind-set and unfailing intrinsic drive have been demonstrated in droves by this exceptional group of young people. Congratulations!”

A Level Results 2023

100% Pride, 100% Pass Rate

Our Sion Sixth Form ( VISion) results continue to be excellent this year.

There was great excitement, emotion and huge relief from the whole school community when opening results and accepting that all important university offer.

We are all deeply proud of our students’ achievements.

We offer our encouragement and support as next steps of the educational journey take place into the world of undergraduate study and academic research.

We wish every student every success in the future.

Steve Jeffery, Headteacher said:

“Focused tenacity and sheer hard work has meant that we can celebrate another 100% pass rate this year. We are such a close community, so the feeling of pride is ever so strong!

We know our young people incredibly well which enables us to unlock true potential with our authentic care, encouragement, and tailored teaching.

At Sion, there’s an enviable culture of wanting to achieve our very best – seen through the sheer hard work, respect and focus of our youngsters and modelled by each one of our inspiring teachers.

This is a team effort which undoubtedly includes our splendid parents too.

This school focuses in on effort and actively promotes that vital intrinsic drive when working with our young people.

High grades provide impressive headlines, and it is right to celebrate these.  However, we must never lose sight of the unrelenting effort that achieves those significant “Personal Bests” for each individual child.

Those celebrated outcomes will look different for each one of us. If we know we have absolutely achieved our very best due to our own intrinsic drive, which is expertly cradled by authentic encouragement, nurture, and devotion, we will rightfully walk tall.

Our students should all be walking tall right now, along with their dedicated teachers.”

“Their tenacity and sheer hard work has meant that we can celebrate another 100% pass rate this year from our A Level students. This community recognises the significant challenges that young people have had to overcome during these unprecedented times and we applaud every single individual for this outstanding outcome”
Steve Jeffery, Headteacher