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Sahil Ahmad

Sahil Ahmad holding a plate of food

Sahil Ahmad

(Class of 2021)

My transformative journey as a chef and business owner owes a debt of gratitude to Our Lady of Sion School, a nurturing environment that sculpted my passion for culinary arts into a remarkable career. The small class sizes and the presence of world class teachers provided the ideal platform for honing my skills, all under the guiding hand of our esteemed Head Teacher, Mr. Jeffery, who prioritised both our education and personal growth.

At Sion, I found more than just academic excellence; it was a vibrant hub fostering connections with like-minded individuals. These connections have transcended into a network of individuals who continually contribute to the greater community. It’s within these walls that I first discovered my love for business and culinary arts.

The invaluable lessons and support I received at Sion laid the groundwork for my journey. Today, as the recipient of the Best Asian Chef award in the UK and having reached over 150 million social media views last year, I attribute much of my success to the foundational teachings and encouragement received at Sion.

The nurturing environment and the ethos of placing pupils at the forefront have been pivotal in shaping not just my career but also my outlook towards the wider community. Sion has been more than a school; it’s a place that fosters dreams and encourages their realisation.

My achievements stand as a testament to the incredible environment Sion cultivates.  This is an environment that not only educates but also empowers individuals to make a significant impact beyond the school walls. For me and my three siblings, Sion isn’t just a school; it’s the beginning of an extraordinary journey, shaping my culinary and business aspirations and enabling me to contribute positively to society.