ISI Inspections

The ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) is appointed by the Department for Education and is the regulator for independent schools in England and schools undergo a scheduled inspection, on average, every three years. They report to the DfE the extent to which schools meet The Independent School Standards. ISI inspects more than 1,300 independent schools in England, which together educate over 500,000 children and young people each year.

We were inspected in November 2023 and are delighted to publish our most recent report.

This inspection was held under the new inspection framework which came into effect in September 2023, Our Lady of Sion being among a handful of the first schools nationally to be inspected according to this new framework.

Under the new inspection framework, schools do not receive a one-word judgement or grading by inspectors.

This is important to note: no longer will independent schools be rated ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ as they were in the past under the old framework and, in line with that, this report contains no grade.

Instead, you will read that we were found to be compliant in all areas and meet the standards and regulations which govern the running of an independent school.

The report then comments on a range of aspects of school life:

  • Leadership and management, and governance
  • Quality of education, training, and recreation
  • Pupils’ physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Pupil’s social and economic education and contribution to society
  • Safeguarding

We are delighted that the inspectors have recognised so many aspects of Sion life that we are immensely proud of too.

Please click the links below to view the ISI Inspection Reports:


During the academic year 2022/2023, the school managed two formal complaints.

One of these was partially upheld and the other was wholly dismissed.

In the case of the partially upheld complaint, recommendations were made.

Responses to complaints are carried out in accordance with our complaints policy which follows a three-stage structure.