ISI Inspections

The ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) is appointed by the Department for Education and is the regulator for independent schools in England and schools undergo a scheduled inspection, on average, every three years. They report to the DfE the extent to which schools meet The Independent School Standards. ISI inspects more than 1,300 independent schools in England, which together educate over 500,000 children and young people each year.

We are delighted to publish our most recent report, which has given us top marks for the way we help our students develop their self-confidence and self-esteem, preparing them for life outside of school. Inspectors also highlighted our students’ ‘excellent attitude to learning’ and identified our teachers as ‘well-qualified’ with a ‘passion for their subjects’. We were also highly praised for the way our students work with each other, the respect they show to others and their ’emotional resilience’.

The four-strong ISI inspection team reported back on two key areas – the quality of the students’ personal development – which it found to be ‘Excellent’ – and the quality of students’ academic and other achievements.

Commenting on achievement, which inspectors found to be ‘Good’, they said:

‘Pupils throughout the school have excellent attitudes to their own learning, and show maturity and independence as they progress and develop.’

Inspectors went on to describe students as having,

‘very positive and effective learning attitudes…..[which] are a real strength of the school.’

Teachers were praised for being

‘well qualified’ with a ‘passion for their subjects’ and ‘good leadership and management’ was acknowledged as being the reason for such effective teaching provision.

Inspectors said:

‘The good progress made by pupils is maintained throughout the school, across all abilities, because teachers understand and are sensitive to their pupils’ needs; in addition they have high expectations both for encouraging pupils’ engagement and their standards of behaviour.’

Our small class sizes were highlighted as allowing teachers to provide more individual attention, and the ‘great variety of teaching approaches’ was judged to satisfy the ‘varied needs of pupils’.

Since the full Inspection we have had a Compliance Inspection, where possible outcomes are either ‘met’ or ‘not met’. We are delighted to report that we met all Independent Schools Standards.

Please click the links below to view the ISI Inspection Reports:


During the academic year 2022/2023, the school managed two formal complaints.

One of these was partially upheld and the other was wholly dismissed.

In the case of the partially upheld complaint, recommendations were made.

Responses to complaints are carried out in accordance with our complaints policy which follows a three-stage structure.