Headspace: The teachers I was privileged to observe this week…

Posted: 5th June 2023

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Just thinking about the teachers I was privileged to observe this week…

I was energised, mesmerised, moved, inspired and reminded…reminded of the power of education, relationships and community.

Reminded of the power of words and the vitality of the engagement with the child right there before us.

These teachers knew each child, and I could see that knowledge. It was also evidenced in their planning.

Those children knew their teacher, trusted their teacher, enjoyed being with that teacher…there was a glorious sense of togetherness. Heartwarming is an insufficient word, but it’s close.

Questions were asked without fear of judgement. Attempts and trials, successes and failed moments were met with authentic praise or required support to keep on going…you will get there…just don’t give up! And no one did! Progress was tangible. Pride was evident. The mindset was uplifting.

That time spent together was enjoyable.

It was fun!
Learning was happening all over the place. Children were congratulating each other. They enjoyed the journey of discovery.

They were inquisitive and desperate to discover more…about the subject and themselves. That’s what every Headteacher wants to see. That’s the culture we work hard to cultivate and embed. That’s why recruitment and the ethos language of a school is so sacred. One has to get it right…one must protect it too.

Whilst observing, I could see that those teachers knew each child well…they knew how to motivate, inspire, challenge further….the energy was literally spinning! No one stood still. There was always additional challenge! Can you imagine how motivational this was! It was wonderful to see.

What an honour to observe such dedication.
What a joy to see that essential teacher/student relationship thriving as it should.
I was deeply impressed.
I am profoundly grateful…for such dedication which I know takes energy, commitment and strength…even when we find ourselves exhausted because…this job is certainly exhausting at times. But the intrinsic rewards never fail to energise and strengthen us when we are truly dedicated to the profession…and that we must be…every day.

I’m proud to have these teachers in my school.
I’m proud of those young people too.
Thank you Sion Community.
It is an honour and privilege to lead you all.

Steve Jeffery


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