Celebrating our students GCSE success

Posted: 25th August 2022

4 students with their GCSE results

Sion would like to congratulate our Year 10 and 11 GCSE students who have worked so hard to achieve such fantastic results this summer. They have shown true Sionian Spirit and individual determination to succeed. With a 99 % pass rate across the board, there are so many fantastic individual and whole school achievements.

Headteacher, Steven Jeffery writes: Our Class of 2022 should be immensely proud of themselves.  Their results exemplify years of hard work, focus, resilience and persistence.  Achievement like this comes from core motivation, an aspiration to achieve full potential and an affirmative relationship between teacher and student.  The home/school partnership is also essential in each step along the journey towards academic excellence, and we therefore celebrate these results with teachers and parents too.  We keep on hearing about how the pandemic has negatively impacted the life-chances of young people and how education was catastrophically marred due to the disruption to face-to-face schooling.  In spite of those seismic challenges, these young people scaled those enormous obstacles, reaching the highest echelons of excellence in their GCSE exams.  Effort, along with that vital positive mind-set and unfailing intrinsic drive have been demonstrated in droves by this exceptional group of young people. Congratulations!

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