Founders’ Day Celebrations

Posted: 20th January 2022

Education is Glowing brighter than a star Frost melting, shining bright

Every year on 20th January we celebrate our Founders’ Day.

We started this year with an early morning get-together as a whole school community. Luckily it was a beautiful sunny Worthing morning, albeit a rather chilly one!

Mr Jeffery reminded us of the history of the school and of our Founders, Theodore and Alphonse Ratisbonne. He also reminded the whole school of our ethos and the strength of the Sion community. Our founders, Theodore and Alphonse Ratisbonne, believed  that we should all love each other with actions and words of kindness. They wanted us to have a love for the world…for people, animals and the planet. They believed that when we show authentic love, it is just like turning on the light when we find ourselves in complete darkness. 

When other people feel our love, it lights up their own heart and they then carry that light and pass it on to others through their own acts of kindness. 

Every day we should be mindful of our light and cultivate a beautiful flame. This flame carries kindness and love and throws light on all darkness.

This year’s theme was based on something that Theodore Ratisbonne said:

“I want you to have hearts bigger than the whole world. The heart expands in the flame of love and this flame must set other flames alight

We started a new tradition today, sharing a Flame of Love around the school and each year group had a candle to light to remind us all of this flame of love. Initially lit in Early Years, the flame traveled through the school. Year 6 carried it to the Senior School before Mr Jeffery spread it from classroom to classroom.

The students were also asked to write a ‘Message from My Heart to the World’ and to write their own Heart Haiku poems.

As part of the celebrations, our new lunch provider, the Plant Based School Kitchen, provided a delicious picnic style lunch for the whole school.


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