Throughout the School, children are asked to bring in a packed lunch from home.

In both the Junior and Senior Schools, pupils are also offered the option (at an additional cost) of a hot lunch via our supplier Little Tums.  In the Junior School, parents should register with Little Tums directly and can choose the meals on a termly basis – payment is made directly to Little Tums. In the Senior School, students can either use a pre-paid card which parents can top up when required, or cash.

In the Junior School, children eat their lunch in the hall (irrespective of whether they have a packed lunch or hot lunch option).  In the Senior School, there are tables set up in the School Hall at lunchtime or picnic tables available outside in the playground.

Packed lunches should not contain fizzy drinks. As we have children in school who are at risk of a severe reaction if exposed to nuts, eggs or fish, we request that lunch boxes do not contain any of these foods. It is our policy to encourage healthy eating and we would ask parents to support this. In the interest of dental health, only fruit is permitted for mid-morning break.

There are water fountains around the School which pupils may use during the day. In addition, they may bring bottled water (sport’s bottles only) which they may access on their way to and from the playground.