Students at Our Lady of Sion School are encouraged to participate in a range of different sports and activities during PE lessons and in extra-curricular activities. We offer a number of sporting opportunities which include clubs and teams in a variety of sports.

Our sports teams take part in district leagues and county tournaments. We also attend regional ISA sporting competitions in activities such as Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country. Students will also be able to attend the National Competitions if they are successful at the Regional qualifications.

The Junior and Senior Schools both hold an annual Sports Day. PE is offered at GCSE and A level.

Lunchtime clubs and after school activities take place throughout the term. Fixtures are played against other schools in the form of leagues, tournaments and friendly matches. The opportunity is there to be part of a representative team in a number of sports and activities. Students with talent will be encouraged to join clubs outside of school to further their development.

  • Mr S Danes BSc PGCE – Head of Expressive Arts Faculty

  • Mrs E Baxter BSc QTS – Teacher of Physical Education

  • Mr S Kirkwood BA (Hons) PGCE QTS – Teacher of Physical Education