Happy Child

A letter from a Junior School pupil to her teacher:

I am writing to say thank you for all the hard work you and the other teachers have done over lockdown.

You have been very patient and fun. You are always there for me and the other pupils

To rely on and help with what we don’t know. you are also a very good listener and you always Give great uplifting comments which always brightens up my day.

I also love your ideas and you give great advice. You always make the days in lockdown

A lot more fun and interesting. I love our daily catch up every morning and you are always thorough with the seesaw learning platform meaning you always go through everything in Our lessons.

I just want to say how utterly overjoyed we are with how our girls are settling in to Sion school life. It’s has exceeded all of our expectations. I can honestly say our daughters are so very happy. Thank you for all you and your team do. It is clear that the school is a very special place.
Junior School Parent
We would like to thank you all so much for a wonderful Autumn term. The hard work and huge effort from a fabulous team were appreciated every day, and we are so blessed to know that our daughter is part of this inspiring and nurturing school community. The Christmas Fair was a massive highlight and the joy and delight this brought to all the children was really something very special. We also greatly appreciate the ongoing support that you have given our daughter to help her settle back into school life, and she really values her time with the Wellbeing Advisor and is becoming much more confident in her relationships with staff and peers, which is lovely to see.
Junior School Parent
‘I just wanted to write to you, to let you know how impressed I am with the care and teaching that the school has provided in this current lockdown. Our daughter’s Form Teacher has shown such care and empathy with the children! What a difference a teacher makes in the situation, it was so difficult last year, but so far this week’s schooling has been so fabulous! I am so impressed that both the teaching and how mindful the Form Teacher is of the children’s mental health. She is an asset to our Lady of Sion and should be congratulated for her tireless work and care! As I was a student myself at Sion, as was my eldest daughter, I have been lucky to have over 50 years of association with the school!
Junior School Parent
What a tricky year for you all and tough in so many ways, your dedication and commitment hasn’t gone a miss and we are grateful for everything that has been done to make Nursery our daughter’s “normal”. It’s been so exciting watching our daughter grow and she’s very much looking forward to getting her uniform so she can be just like her friends. Looking forward to our daughter’s Sion journey.
Early Years Parent
I wanted to say how much we appreciate the care and effort that the Sion staff have put into home learning. I obviously know what an undertaking this has been and we have really seen our daughter flourish under this style of learning. She has remained focused and a happy child at home – so thanks to all the staff.
Senior School Parent
We just wanted to say the parents evening on line went well and we really appreciated the input and commitment from all the teachers. It was really nice to meet them and hear their passion for their subjects and more importantly to see the pupils succeed. Hat off to you all, our daughter comes home every day, more knowledgeable and inspired. In these unprecedented times to laugh, feel safe and secure and keep moving forward with hope and ambition is a fantastic achievement that you have instilled in our children.
Senior School Parent