Choosing the right career path is a challenging task. At Our Lady of Sion School students are supported with a variety of age appropriate activities in Careers. There is a dedicated Careers room with up to date information on university courses, apprenticeships, gap years as well as specific professions. The aim is to expose students to a variety of occupations and education choices so that they can consider for themselves the path that is right for them. This includes visiting speakers and ex-students discussing higher education, business and various professions.

We have a range of online resources available for students to utilise in researching study and career options. Careers sessions play an important role in the selection of GCSE subjects during Year 9. Students are encouraged to think reflectively and realistically about their first steps along the decision making path. This is followed by career sessions in Year 10 where students are introduced to the options available at 16+ including A levels, BTECs, Apprenticeships and other pathways. The Autumn Term of Year 11 is a key moment in shaping a student’s future: At Sion each student has an individual ‘action plan’ interview with a follow up to ensure that they are happy with the choices that they have made. Also during the Autumn Term, a Careers Evening is held for parents and students and is a forum for discussion regarding their next steps.

In the Sixth Form,  the focus in Careers is on developing the skills vital to future success; presentation, writing curriculum vitae and applying for courses or work. Students are encouraged to engage in volunteering and expand their skills base. There is substantial guidance on choosing the right university course including individual profiling, attending university master classes and open days. Each student is fully supported in making their university application through UCAS. For those electing to take either a gap year or an alternative such as Apprenticeships, up-to-date advice is on hand. Students are guided through their applications to universities, work placements or apprenticeships. At Sion our aim is to ensure that every student achieves their potential and makes decisions that are right for them.

For further information regarding careers, please contact Mrs Martin. We welcome local businesses and professionals to speak to our students about career opportunities.

Mrs B Martin, LLB (Hons), LLM, PGCE (Post 16 education), Diploma in Careers Advice