Junior School & Early Years Space


Ambitious and Creative – The Start of a Sion Education

The school values its ethos highly and the dedicated Early Years team has a nurturing approach, yet teaching by stage not age, allowing each child to develop at their own individual pace. Early Years is the foundation on which to build a lifelong thirst for knowledge and love of learning. This is the spirit of a Sion education where each child is recognised as being unique and this personalised provision is fitting. With small classes, specialist teachers and an ambitious, yet creative, curriculum, the children will be able to have the best start to their education at Sion.

Early Years at Sion is a wonderfully exciting time of discovery and exploration. Being the first step on the Sion Journey, it is a delight to encourage inquisitiveness and inspire a spirited response to the world, the self and others.

What to Expect

  • Personalised learning journeys
  • Specialist teaching for Languages, PE and Music
  • Wild Curriculum, including Beach School and local trips
  • Daily reading and phonics
  • Cursive writing introduced
  • Daily Maths learning including practical investigations and use of manipulatives (eg Numicon)
  • Opportunities to perform in productions and assemblies
  • Community outreach including Inter-generational Project