A Level Results 2021

  • 100% Pass Rate
  • 80% of all grades (A*-A)
  • 31% of all grades (A*)


Our Lady of Sion School is energetically celebrating the glorious A Level results achieved by a truly inspirational cohort of young academics.  As we all recognise, this most recent period of study has been tempestuous due to the upheaval during the impact of a global pandemic.

Each one of these dedicated and driven young people has shown great resilience along with a steadfast determination to achieve the most outstanding results during the most unsettling time of their lives to date.

Once students did eventually return to the physical classroom, after what seemed like an age of remote-learning during those lockdowns, they all engaged in a highly rigorous and formal assessment schedule under stringent exam conditions.  This enabled everyone to successfully and authentically demonstrate ability, knowledge, original-thinking and understanding.

We are exceptionally proud of each of these remarkable young people.  However, we must make special reference to the following:

  • Emily Keogh achieved a magnificent 4 A* with an extra A* for her Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and goes on to read Mathematics at the University of Durham.
  • Oliver Manners (Head Student 2020-2021) achieved a stunning 4 A* at A level and an A for his EPQ and we know that he will be amazing at University of Bath where he will be reading Mechanical Engineering.
  • Jason Handley matched Oliver’s grades with his 4 A* and an A in his EPQ. Jason is heading off to Durham University where he will be reading Physics.
  • Ruby Neville (Head Student 2020-2021) achieved an amazing 2A* and 2 A and will be reading Mathematics at the University of Bristol.
  • Harleigh Broughton achieved a very impressive 3 A* and an A in her EPQ and she is delighted to be going to the University of Edinburgh to read Archaeology and Social Anthropology

Additional Notable Results

  • Tom Burke – 3 A grades – Sport and Exercise Psychology – Loughborough University
  • Anna Dedman – 3 A grades – University of Exeter – Geography
  • Maisie Lister – 3 A grades – University of Leeds – Law
  • Sophie Mason-Griffiths – 3 A grades and A grade for EPQEarth and Planetary Sciences – University of Manchester
  • Harrison Moores – 2 A* grades and an A grade – Aerospace Engineering – University of Sheffield
  • Leo Nind – 3 A grades and 1 B – Electrical and Electronic Engineering – University of Bath
  • William Standen – 3 A grades and an A* for EPQ – Law – University of Nottingham
  • Jay Stephens – 3 A grades – Criminology – University of Sheffield
  • James Stitt – 3 A grades
  • Max Warner – 2 A* and an A – Economics – University of Leeds

We would like to take this opportunity to wish them all well in their future studies and exciting adventures.

Headteacher, Steve Jeffery

“At first glance, it would appear that against all odds, these young people have achieved exceptional outcomes.  However, when one looks more closely at the sheer dedication, hard work, commitment, sacrifice and study, these youngsters made it happen and nothing was ever going to stop them – regardless of the external challenges they all faced.  Even in the eye of the storm, they remained immersed in their goals and dreams.  Young academics, excited about discovery and original thinking.  This effervescent energy became the driving force behind their exceptional academic attainment.  Nothing was going to get in the way of achieving that all important personal best.  I am humbled by their tenacity and their tireless efforts.  I am so very proud of each one of these students and every member of our staff who also worked assiduously to provide an inspirational learning experience for all A Level students here at Our Lady of Sion School.  What a team!”