The Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Department at Our Lady of Sion School offers French and Spanish from Year 7 to A Level, and German from Year 8 to A Level.

All MFL staff members are native teachers, committed to widening our pupils’ horizons by sharing their enthusiasm for modern languages and different cultures within the context of high expectations and standards. Pupils’ enjoyment, motivation and work ethic to learn languages in our school is palpable. Rapport between MFL teachers and students is excellent, which clearly enhances teaching and learning.

The team meet regularly to review students’ work and progress and to share good practice. Differentiation, intervention and support is offered throughout the academic year across the key stages. The GCSE and A Level results are excellent, well above the national average and regularly among the best within other independent schools in the area.

The variety of extra-curricular activities, competitions and exchange trips in offer are in line with the objectives of the school with regard to embrace diversity and tolerance, feel proud of our ethos, Consideration Always, and motivate and challenge our pupils to develop into the strongest version of themselves.


Two languages are compulsory in Key Stage 3. MFL are optional subjects at GCSE, although the school encourage all our students to choose at least one language in order to ensure they study a variety of subjects which enable them to gain key skills for their future studies.

At GCSE, we follow the AQA examination board criteria. For specific details on the subject content and assessments, please refer the AQA website as follows:

GCSE French:

GCSE German:

GCSE Spanish:

KEY STAGE 5 – YEARS 12 & 13

Students may choose to study up to two languages at A Level and internal assessment is in the form of topic related assignments, exam type papers and mock examinations. The external assessment is provided by the AQA examination board. For specific details on the subject content and assessments, please refer the AQA website as follows:

GCE French:

GCE German:

GCE Spanish:


The MFL Department organise the following Language Exchanges:

  • French Exchange to Grenoble with our Sister school Notre Dame de Sion.
  • Spanish Exchange to Granada with Colegio Ave María San Isidro.
  • German Exchange to Waldkirch with Realschule Kollnau.


The MFL Department organise various extra-curricular activities to help promote language and cultural awareness. Involving dressing up, food or quizzes, these include: European Day of Languages, Oktoberfest (with authentic Bavarian cuisine and costumes); a Year 7 Languages Christmas (involving carols in French, German and Spanish); a German ‘Fasching’ carnival, and a Spanish Kahoot competition with other schools in the area organised and held in our school.


How Fundamental British Values are promoted in MFL

Through our curriculum, our pastoral support, the whole school system and structure, our inclusivity and our community engagement, we aim to encourage pupils to understand the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of people of all faiths, races and cultures. We aim for our students to understand that while different people may hold different views about what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, all people living in England are subject to its laws.

Miss E Garcia BA PGCE Head of Modern Languages Faculty