This new specification is an engaging and wide ranging introduction to law exploring the English legal system and the nature of law. It includes study of the key areas of criminal law, human rights law, law of contract and the law of tort. The course is designed to equip Our Lady of Sion students with a high quality foundational knowledge of law and the necessary skills of analysis and reasoning. Studying Law encourages students to reflect on the structure and functioning of society.

By studying the Law A level students will be able:

  • to demonstrate critical awareness of the influence and operation of the law in society.
  • develop an understanding of legal method and reasoning as used by lawyers and the judiciary.
  • develop the ability to construct conclusions and communicate legal arguments by reference to appropriate legal authorities.
  • develop the ability to communicate persuasive legal arguments by reference to appropriate legal authorities.
  • develop and apply the techniques of legal method and reasoning to analyse and offer answers to problems, based on legal principles, legislation and case law.

Students are taught through discussion and lectures as well as reading and written tasks. Assignments and tests are set on a regular basis with students provided with productive feedback on their progress. There is information on gaining legal based work experience and visits to courts.

The course is excellent preparation for a range of university degrees including Law, Economics, Business and Management and Humanities subjects. It is a great subject for those considering advanced or degree apprenticeships in a range of different industries; law, finance and commercial management.

Teacher of Law