Students currently have one lesson per week throughout Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 9), where they follow the Computing National Curriculum programme of study with a cross-curricular approach. They begin by applying their graphical programming skills they learnt in Year 6, using the BBC micro:bit and gaining an understanding of how computers work. They learn the basics of using our 2D CAD software.

In Year 8, they design and program more sophisticated control systems using the BBC micro:bit with the addition of external input and output devices. They will also learn circuit basics, programming microprocessors using flow charts and be introduced to our 3D CAD software. They will gain an understanding of Vector graphics by programming the cursor to generate geometrical shapes, which they will then use to generate Escher type prints.

By the end of Year 9, students will also have learnt how to use a textual based programming language such Python.

Mr A Sefton BSc PGCE
Teacher of Design & Technology