Summer Programme 2020

Due to the unusual circumstances of the Summer Term 2020, we are delighted to offer students our Sion Summer Programme. This is designed to review, consolidate and expand their knowledge and skills in preparation for the Autumn Term.

For Sion parents who have access to the Learning Platform, please follow this link: Summer Programme 2021.

If your child does not attend Sion but you are interested in finding out more about this Programme, please contact Miss Helen Davis, Acting Deputy Head (email:

Our Curriculum

At Our Lady of Sion School we encourage students to achieve in every aspect of their lives.

Although we are selective, our students come from a wide range of different backgrounds. Academic work is, of course, a core value, but equipping students with the skills required to foster and enable independent study and a thirst for lifelong learning are paramount.

Our curriculum is broad. The Learning Support Department works closely with all the academic departments to aid students to achieve their full potential, both SEND and the More Able. We offer numerous opportunities to extend and develop a student’s interests beyond the curriculum.

The School reports and tracks all students’ academic achievements and attitudes to learning. Grade sheets are issued half termly and full reports at the end of each term as appropriate. Each individual student’s needs and development are considered regularly, with regular discussion and solutions.