Exam results at Our Lady of Sion are always strong, but class and year group sizes are much smaller than in most schools.

GCSE Key Stage 4 Results 2020

Even though there has been widespread criticism around the government’s management of exam results this year, Sion’s Centre Assessed Grades were generated with meticulous care.  The procedure was rigorous, thoughtful and wholly professional.  Grades were discussed in detail across academic staff and senior managers.  The school firmly believes that these grades reflect the likely outcomes for all students who would have taken their exams in the summer if the Covid19 pandemic had not hit us all so forcefully.

% Grades 9-8 = 40 %

% Grades 9-4 = 99.5 %

Headline Results

  • George achieved 9 x Grade 9 , 2 x Grade 8 and an Additional level Maths Grade A and will be staying on in the Sixth form at Sion to study Maths, Physics and Geography.
  • Charlotte achieved 8 x Grade 9 and 3 x Grade 8 and will be staying at Sion Sixth form to study Art, Biology and Chemistry.
  • Sam achieved 7 x Grade 9 and 4 x Grade 8 and is off to to study A level Physics, Maths and Geography
  • Sam achieved 5 x Grade 9 and 6 x Grade 8 and is staying at Sion to study Maths, Physics and Chemistry
  • Lyra achieved 1 Grade 9, 8  x Grade 8 and 2 x Grade 7s and is studying Psychology, Philosophy and Geography
  • Laura achieved 6 Grade 9 and 5 Grade 8
  • Tina achieved 7 Grade 9s and 4 Grade 8
  • Zach achieved 4 Grade 9s, 6 Grade 8s
  • Ben achieved 6 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s, 2 Grade 7s and 1 Grade 6
  • Charlotte M achieved 4 Grade 9s and 7 Grades 8s
  • Ruby achieved 6 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s and 2 Grade 7s

Acting Head, Steve Jeffery said, “My heart is bursting with pride! Our students have done it again.  Even during an incredibly challenging and unsettling time, these resilient, hard-working and dedicated young people have achieved outstanding results.  Whatever is being discussed within the various facets of the media, I would strongly challenge anyone who endeavoured to diminish the value of our academic results awarded in 2020.  I will happily shout from the rooftops that these young people have worked exceptionally hard during unprecedented and troubling times and have still managed to secure outstanding results that are rightfully theirs to own.  They achieved those grades through sheer hard work and an intrinsic drive to succeed.  This was energetically encouraged through the support of excellent teaching and pastoral care from teachers and parents.  I am immensely proud of this community.”