• 100 % pass rate
  • 35 % 9-8 grade
  • 98% achieved 8 or more GCSEs

We are delighted to share that the students of Class 2021 at Our Lady of Sion School have all achieved splendid results. It has been so special celebrating with our young people and their families this morning.  We have seen leaps of joy, beaming smiles and shouts of celebration, from students and their parents and grandparents!  Teachers have also been energetically rejoicing after receiving the happy news of such wonderful academic attainment.

Each one of these dedicated and driven young people has shown great resilience along with a steadfast determination to achieve the most outstanding results during the most unsettling time of their lives to date.

Once students did eventually return to the physical classroom, they all engaged in a highly rigorous and formal assessment schedule under stringent exam conditions.  This enabled everyone to successfully and authentically demonstrate ability, knowledge, original-thinking and understanding.

Students worked incredibly hard to evidence their knowledge, understanding and academic prowess. Our students have been awarded the grades which they most certainly achieved.  Our students should be absolutely elated with the grades they genuinely earned.  We are ever so proud of each and every one of them.

  • Special mention must go to Alice Lee who achieved a phenomenal ten grade 9 GCSE passes.
  • Will Budd and Grace Light with a fantastic matching eight grade 9 GCSE passes plus one grade 8 and one grade 7 pass too to complete their impressive collection.
  • Special mention must also go to Sajeev Selvasenthil who achieved six grade 9 GCSE passes and 4 grade 7 passes and Andrew Sayegh who achieved six grade 9 GCSE passes , three grade 8 GCSE passes and one grade 7.

Congratulations to Year 10 Statistics and Maths “Early Entries” too – a very impressive set of results.

Headteacher, Steve Jeffery:

These results reflect years of sheer dedication, hard work, commitment, sacrifice and study.  The all-important encouragement and support from families, peers and teachers has also been instrumental in enabling these youngsters to achieve remarkable outcomes – regardless of the external challenges they have all faced. 

The trials of the pandemic did not diminish their tenacity in achieving that all important personal best.

They remained immersed in their goals and dreams and nothing was going to preclude them from attaining those triumphs.  I applaud this focus.

Their palpable energy and dedication along with the expertise and commitment of their teachers was the driving force behind this exceptional academic attainment. 

I am so very proud of each one of these students and every member of our staff who worked assiduously to provide an inspirational learning experience for all GCSE students here at Our Lady of Sion School. 

Parents – you played a significant part in this too – thank you! What a team!

We are extremely proud of all of our students and wish them the very best in their A level and college courses here at VISion Sixth Form Centre and at the other local colleges.