In line with the School’s Mission Statement, our rules are grounded in the Sion ethos of “Consideration Always”. They are designed to protect the welfare of our students and to encourage the development of self-esteem, together with respect for all members of the School, its environment and the wider community. The rules apply to all activities in the normal school day, including travel to and from school, school outings and any other occasion when students are in uniform.

Students at Our Lady of Sion School are expected to act with consideration and courtesy at all times. Irresponsible behaviour and insulting language may be dangerous or hurtful; the School therefore encourages students to think first and avoid inflicting harm or taking unnecessary risks. Students should co-operate with staff in creating a positive learning environment where everyone is respected, regardless of individual differences.

Bullying is completely unacceptable in any form. The pastoral team can deal more effectively with such matters if students report any incidents of physical, verbal or psychological bullying to a member of staff immediately, whether they are a witness or a victim.