Welcome to this edition of our Newsletter. It is not in the format that it would normally be but it is an opportunity for us to celebrate some of the fantastic work our students have been completing during this period of remote learning.

I think we can all agree that everyone (children and staff) has risen to the challenge of this different way of working and I have been extremely impressed with what I have seen. It hasn’t been the same as a normal term, but some fantastic work has been achieved for which everyone can be extremely proud. Thank you to all the parents for their amazing support with the home learning. We appreciate that this has been a different term for everyone.

Enjoy your summer break and we look forward to welcoming you back in September  (along with any of our new students who will also be joining us).

Mr Steve Jeffery
Acting Head


End of Year Assembly Messages from Mr Jeffery (Senior School) and Mrs Pearson (Junior School)

Mr Jeffery’s message to the Senior School 

As Mr Jeffery’s assembly was delivered live to the students, here is the transcript of what he said.

Mr Jeffery End of year Assembly

Moving up day in the Junior School and Transition to the Senior School

Our transition days weren’t quite as they are normally in either the Junior School or Senior School, however we welcomed all the children in with open arms (metaphorically speaking!). It was lovely to see everyone in the Junior School and for the children to say goodbye to one form teacher and hello to another – all socially distanced.

In the Senior School, we welcomed all our Sion Year 6 children along with the students who will be joining them to make up Year 7 in September. Fortunately the weather was kind, and we were able to gather outside. Some Sion cakes and a rendition of Happy Birthday by Mr Jeffery on the ukulele were both enjoyed by children and staff!

Mr Jeffery’s Welcome Speech to the new students

“I want you to know how excited we are to welcome you here. Sion exists for young people. We work here to serve you. It really is wonderful to look out across this school hall and see so many of you who will soon be joining our family here.

Sion is a special school with a special ethos. Children have been learning here since 1862. There is a lot of history linked to this school and you are Sion’s future. That’s exciting!

Sion is a unique school. To be part of Sion carries with it certain responsibilities. Unkindness is not tolerated. Bullying is a disgrace. Rudeness and disrespect will be challenged, and poor behaviour and bad language will always be challenged. Sion students demonstrate how communities should live together. We all work hard to consider one another and build each other up rather than destroying each other – that is not how we want to live here.

I love this school. I wish that when I was your age, I came to a school like this. You should feel very blessed that you have a place here. I really hope that you will feel proud to be part of such an amazing school and my prayer is that you will make it even better because you are here.
Think about your impact on this community. What will your reputation be? What will be our first impressions of you? How will you serve Sion as Sion serves you? What are your dreams? What do you want to achieve? What are your goals? Aim for the sky – you are an amazing person. Yes, I mean you!

This room is currently filled with so much potential – can you feel the energy? I can.

It’s exciting. It’s very exciting. I am very glad that you are here. Make it count. Every moment of every day – use it for good. Develop yourself and encourage others to do the same. Set yourself goals each day and work hard to achieve them.

Whilst you are here, I would like you to learn about yourself. I would like you to learn what it means to love others. I want you to discover more about yourself and how you might use your life to serve people. I want you to believe in yourself – to not be afraid of failure, but to use failure to propel yourself to carry on towards success. I want you to aim high and achieve amazing things – making yourself proud and even surprising yourself. I want you to fall in love with learning. I want you to respond to what you see happening in the world. I want you to discuss your feelings and share your views. I want you to be proud of who you are and never try to be something that you are not. I want you to challenge injustice and abuse. I want you to hate bullying but learn to love the bully. I want you to look out for others and notice those who look sad or lonely. I want you to feel at home with saying I believe in God or I don’t believe in God, or I love Allah or I follow Jesus or Om Shanti or “Black Lives Matter” or “I’m not sure, can you help me understand more about what you believe?” Let’s celebrate our individuality and encourage one other to be ourselves.”

Covid-19 Time Capsule from Charlie Year 9 

Dear whoever opens this box, 

This is a time capsule, to remember the 2020 lockdown during the COVID-19 global pandemic, and so we can look back on it and remember it in the future, maybe even tell stories about it. All of the items in this box have a meaning or show what we did during the pandemic. 

Firstly, we have some hand sanitizer and some toilet roll. The toilet paper is there because, in the pandemic, people were stocking up on it so as to not run out, which was ironic because you could order it online anyway. The hand sanitizer is there because, like toilet paper, people were buying it in bulk, but unlike toilet paper, it became hard to get and much more expensive- it was going for about £10 per small bottle!

Next, we have some counters from Monopoly, some letters from Scrabble, some characters from adventure games and a card from Colditz. These symbolise some of the games we played during the lockdown- yes they were quite boring after the 5th time playing them, but I guess it was something to do. I won most of them, which did make it a bit more fun…

After that, we have an i-phone charger to symbolise the insane amount of time that we spent on our phones, texting, watching videos, scrolling through instagram and facetime family and friends. We were always stealing each other’s chargers because we kept losing our own.

There is a long receipt in there too, because we kept getting through food and nice drinks very very quickly because there was nothing else to do, so we always ordered up to the 80-item limit, and that meant we spent a lot too. Also, because we had so much time on our hands, we bought lots of clothes online.

My dog’s (Maggie’s) old lead is there because every day I took her on a walk as this kept her energy levels down, it kept her happy and it meant that I was doing some exercise, so I didn’t get too fat. She always loved her walks, and I suppose they were ok too… 

Penultimately, we have a DVD and a Netflix bill, because we also spent ages watching T.V series and films. We got through so many bad series that I have lost count, and we re-watched tons of old and new and classic films, my brother’s favourite was Star Wars. We also have an Xbox game that symbolises the long amount of time we spent on the Xbox nearly every day as that was as fun as it got then, playing FPS games with my friends.

Finally, as a reminder of the daily headaches from too long on screens, we have some of the online school tasks that we HAD TO DO, and the evil teachers set us homework too because they all believed their subject was the best..

Hello from Year 3

Year 3 and Mrs Summers have made this video. Please click on the link to view it: Hello from Year 3

Year 3 work on Seesaw

A Just So story written and performed by Iris in Year 3 How the Giraffe got its patches

The Year 3 class wrote to David Walliams, thanking him for allowing Mrs Summers to read his books online to the class everyday.

Lily-Rose David Walliams Letter

Italia David Walliams letter

Iris David Walliams letter

The children enjoyed World Ocean Day and Outdoor Learning Day.




Sussex School Games

During this term, the Senior School students have been taking part in the Specsavers ‘Virtual’ Sussex School Games which is an exciting programme of sport competition running throughout the summer term, giving children the chance to represent their school team, alongside their friends and family, to be crowned Sussex champions

The students were set 4 challenges each week on Google Classroom. The challenges were sport based and changed each week. Over the last few weeks we have set challenges in Cricket, Rugby, Netball, Boccia, Athletics, football, Tennis and Fitness. The students completed the challenges and entered their results to a website which recorded the schools results. This created the league tables each week with Sion currently in 37th in Performance (out of approximately 95 schools in Sussex) and 3rd in District participation league.

It has been great to see week-on-week how well our students have been performing – and how many have been taking part.  Well done all!

134 miles in 100 days

Well done to Hannah in Year 8 who has run every day for 100 days, clocking up 134 miles!

Year 8 Pop Inspired Art



Year 2 work on Seesaw

The remote learning in the Junior School has been via Seesaw. Here is some fantastic work by some of the Year 2 children.

For one of their projects, they were asked to design a map and menu for their FunPlex theme park. They look fantastic places to visit!


Denver also wrote and performed a poem about ‘Pasta and Chocolate’.

Year 6 French

Mme Couture gave the children the task of either researching a traditional French recipe or baking one!

Luca baked a traditional Gâteau au yaourt. – the first recipe the children learn in France whilst India made a Nicoise Salade and Max researched a Tarte Tatin.

    Link to: India’s presentation

  Link to: Max’s presentation

A presentation on Mount Tambora by India in Year 6

Year 6 have been learning about the eras of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. Harry produced this presentation about the History of the telephone, an invention that was invented in Victoria’s reign but has evolved over a century and decades throughout Elizabeth’s reign too.

History of the telephone by Harry


Round up of Reception’s Remote Learning

Reception’s Pirate Poem


Early Years Garden

The Early Years have been tending to the garden within the Junior School playground with fantastic results.
The Nursery have also been learning all about plants and have been growing their own too, both at home and in school.

Nursery during Lockdown

The Nursery has been very busy during this period of remote learning. Mrs Meighan reports that we have a lot of future Master Chef contestants in the making, cooking has definitely been a positive experience for so many of the children!

Whilst the overriding theme for this term is minibeasts, the children looked at friendship and kindness at the beginning of lockdown, making rainbows and saying why they like their friends.

Each week, the children looked at different minibeasts with activities and stories to match. These have included spiders, snails, bees, frogs, ladybirds and beetles. The activities have included spider webs, making honey muffins, creating beetles from things in the garden, minibeast hunts, making a leap frog jumping game and frogspawn bingo!

One little girl overseas who was meant to be joining us this term has also been able to take part!

Mrs Meighan has grown a sunflower for each child in nursery and, during singing each week, the children have been singing to them.


Nursery Garden A-Z

While learning at home, Nursery were set the challenge of an A-Z hunt in the garden. Here is one lovely hunt where ‘conveniently’ items starting with X and Z just happened to be available!

Early Years – Under the Sea

Early Years had a wonderful time painting the shark for the Under the Sea topic in their role play area.

Reception have also been learning all about marine pollution and have created their own aquariums. By shaking them, they discovered how easy it is to pollute the water!


Heads of School

We are delighted to announce that our Heads of School have been announced for next year. Congratulations to Ollie and Ruby in Year 12 who will take on the roles for 2020 – 2021.

Having received a number of applications for the posts, all students were interviewed remotely by Mrs Martin and Mr Jeffery who have also announced the other positions of responsibility for next year.

House Captains: Gamma – Amber and Will, Sigma – Tom and Harleigh, Delta – Maisie  and Harrison

Sports Captains – Tom and Jay

Charity Team – Emily and Sophie

Congratulations to them all. They will be fantastic role models for the other students.

Year 8 Spanish

Year 8 were asked to find out all about Festivals in Spain.

Click on the links below to see a few of their presentations:

Moros y Cristianos

Feria De Málaga

Las Falles

Year 5 learning on Seesaw

Year 5s learning this term has been via Seesaw, and like other year groups has been a mix of activities, including Maths problem solving, outdoor learning, completing their own Comic Template and creating a model of a room with furniture – all scaled down correctly.  They also learned to sign language for Deaf Awareness Day.


Year 7 Shrines

Year 7 have been designing shrines as part of their study of Hinduism. They were asked to design a shrine that was dedicated to something or someone that was special to them, containing objects that relate to the five senses. We had some wonderful, thoughtful and heartfelt creations and designs.

Year 7 Music

Year 7 have been studying meditative music and Riley wrote these beautiful, calming words to reflect the themes they had been exploring.

Year 7 Art

Year 7 have produced these Sarah Graham style cropped blow up drawings, and using card (at home) instead of clay (at school) to make cake sculptures.


Year 4 Art in the style of Picasso

Year 4 Viking Topic

Year 4 Art


Writing during Lockdown

In response to the Poet Laureate’s poem ‘Lockdown’, Alex in Year 10 has written this poem.

Other students have also been adding to our Sion Blog page – ‘Writers Block’. Written by students for students. This can be found on our Learning Platform or by clicking this link: Writers Block.

Dan in Year 13 has also had several articles published in the ‘Railway Modeller Magazine’.

Year 10 English

Mrs Holloway is very keen to share some of the fantastic writing that has been completed by some of Year 10 during this

Storm by Alice Year 10

The Truth Will Year 10

The Prison Rowan Year 10

Storm on the horizon Harvey

Year 12 A-Level Art 

Year 9 Spanish Festivals

Year 9 students were asked to research and make presentations about Spanish Festivals

Fallas de Valencia by Louis

La Tomatina by Flora

Spanish Festival by Lucy

Year 7 French culture projects

Year 7 have been learning all about French culture. Here are their various interpretations of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. A very creative group!

Year 8 Virtual Paris Tour

Lottie, in Year 8, has also made a tour of Paris – if anyone is visiting this will come in handy!

You can visit it here: Tour of Paris

Year 6 student’s Minecraft Tour of Osborne House

Year 10 (GCSE) Art


Year 1 Seaside Poem

Here is Year 1 reading the poem.


Year 1 were asked to design their own dragon, writing a description and illustrating it. Meet Pop, Jonas Blue, Speedy….

Year 8 Spanish Interviews

Year 7 German Opiniometers

Year 8 DT

Year 8 have been concentrating on developing their technical drawing and modeling skills in DT. These images show the techical drawing (either 3D or 2D) along with the finished models. They are designs for voice activated entertainment devices (like an Alexa) based on the 80’s design movement  ‘Memphis’

You have reached the end of this mammoth newsletter. We hope you enjoyed reading it as it shows the depth and breadth of all the work which has been covered during the Summer Term, albeit mostly remotely. We look forward to seeing all our students back in September.