Mr Jeffery’s Welcome

Dear Families,

The academic year is moving onwards so quickly.

I have enjoyed visiting the Junior School assemblies recently.

Last week, Year 5 explored Life Cycles and their wonderful presentation got me thinking….

Each one of us is on a miraculous journey of growth, development and change.

We know that these children will grow into adults.  However, what we do not yet know is the kind of person each one will be.

We do start to see this even now, here in school and at home.

This is the excitement and the energy of watching young people grow.

As they develop their skills, they unlock the potential.

The seed has been planted…it is growing.

Parents and teachers work tirelessly to encourage growth and nurture the child.

What will this child bring to the world?

What will they bring to their family and friends?

Look through this newsletter.

What do we see?

These children are emerging.

They are blooming.

They are wonderful and glorious.




They must never forget that their existence here is significant and was always meant to be.

We are all growing together, and this forest of fragile souls is profound, beautiful and ever so energising.

So if you want to take care of the universe, start with your soul.

Care of the soul is for self-realisation.

When you are at home within, you are at home in the universe.

Taking care of yourself, being at ease with yourself, being happy within yourself, being fulfilled in yourself is a prerequisite, an imperative for self-realisation.

Everything you truly need and want is within you. You are capable of solving every problem in the world with your inner wisdom.

(Satish Kumar)

Mr Steven Jeffery

Year 7 and 8 Summer Showcase

Well done to all the Year 7 and 8 students who took part in the Summer Showcase. They performed brilliantly in front of their audience!

Young Voices Concert at the O2

On Friday 6th May, 41 children from Years 3 -6 took part in the Young Voices concert at the O2. Everyone had been learning songs in school ready for the concert! The children had a long, but amazing day and it’s not everyday you get to perform at the O2. Songs included a Beatles Medley, A Muppets Medley, O Fortuna, Mambo Italiano and songs from the Lion King.
They left school in the morning ready for the afternoon rehearsal so that everyone was concert ready for the evening. Many parents came to watch and support their children for the evening performance. I was so proud of every single child who took part. They sung brilliantly but they were also a real credit to the school with their outstanding behaviour.
Mrs Carmody

In the meantime, those children still at school spent a wonderful morning with a Beach School session.
Years 5 and 6 used their maths knowledge and strategic planning to make a maze for the younger children to enjoy! They insisted on precision and no stepping on the stones!

Year 11 and Year 13 Final Days in School

This is the speech from the Leavers Assembly:

Year 11 Leavers Speech

Year 5 Life Cycles Assembly

Year 5 presented a wonderful assembly about Life Cycles to their parents and the Junior School, complete with David Attenborough, Dora the Explorer, frogs, butterflies and flowers! Finished off with a rendition of the ‘Circle of Life’ (Lion King)!

Mr Jeffery enjoyed the assembly and was delighted to hand out the Consideration Always awards to so many children.

He was also delighted to congratulate the Sion gymnasts who performed so brilliantly in the Worthing Gymnastics competition.

Gideon ( Year 3) got bronze in his category,

Oliver ( Year 4) narrowly missed bronze coming 4th in his category

Maria ( Year 3 ) got Bronze in her category

Maya (Year 3 ) came 4th in her category

Bea D ( Year 4) came 4th  in her category

There were 132 gymnasts so the children of Sion did brilliantly!

Junior School Jubilee Celebrations

The Junior School loved their Jubilee Party this week – huge thanks to the SFA who organised it.  They also had a surprise visitor to judge the Inter House Throne Decorating Competition!

Year 7 The Tempest

Here are some pictures from Year 7 performing ‘The blessing’ from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.  As Mrs Freeman commented: “No stage fright here!”

Plant Based School Kitchens Menus

In the Senior School, meals will continue to be offered from the outside Plant Pod whilst exams are taking place in the Hall. Break time snacks and breakfast items are also now available.

Year 9 The Island

Year 9 RS students were taken on a journey by Ms Ghinn. A group of 80 passengers were aboard a cruise liner when it crashed into an Island and they were stranded. Abandoned on the Island, the passengers established a community, with births and deaths, rites of passage, rituals, festivals and creating memoires – all aspects of religion but with a non-religious slant, highlighting the similar basis of so many religions.

Senior School Athletics

Well done to all those students who competed at the district athletics. Congratulations to Hugo, James and Seb who have made it through to the county event in Crawley.

In Athletics, the Year 7s were fortunate enough to have a demonstration of Shot Put by English Schools Athlete and former Sion student Ben Hawkes.

Year 4 London Topic

Year 4 have been learning all about London.  Here are some of their Skyline art and a wonderful creative prep from Sonny (tap the Green flag to start the video!) and Gethin.


Music Mural

During the course of last term, a small group of students designed and painted this wonderful mural which is now proudly hanging in the Music School. The video shows its development.

Die Wunderbaren 11. Klasse Deutch-Schüler 2022 

Well done to all the year 11 German students (Ella, Ethan, George, Matteus, Luca, Will, Laurel, Ratheesh and Hamish) for working so hard for their speaking exams at the beginning of May. Keep it up! It has been a joy to teach them and I will miss them immensely. Alles Gute! – Frau Macke-Wilson

Junior School Construction Club

House Table Tennis

Well done to the Year 10 competitors who took part in the final House table tennis tournament.

1st: Troy
Runner Up: Archie
3rd: Sam
Joint 4th: James and Jess

Year 9 Resilience Assembly in the Junior School

A small group of year 9 students took an assembly on Resilience in the Junior School and then spent a lunch time chatting to the Year 6 students about coming up to the Senior School.  It was lovely for our Senior School children to mix with those in the Junior School and hopefully reassure them about the future. They also went over to spend some time in the playground with the Junior School children.

Year 3 India Topic

During their assembly, Year 3 told the Indian story of Wali Dad, teaching the children to be thankful for what they have.

The children had great fun cooking onion bhajis as part of the same topic.

Year 8 Geography Fieldtrip to the River Tillingbourne

The Year 8 geographers completed their first fieldtrip as restrictions have now made it easier to get out and enjoy studying what we are covering in the classroom. This term we have started a topic on rivers and coasts so a trip to investigate the River Tillingbourne in Surrey was completed in May. There was fieldwork at various sites along the river as well as tuition by the staff at the Field Studies Council at Juniper Hall earlier in the morning. Students were able to measure several variables and record their findings for analysis back in class when studying different stretches of the river. The day was a real success, the students were great in the theory sessions with their questions and answers as well as carrying out the practical work in the afternoon. They were quick learners and confidently showed the techniques to determine the speed, width and depth of the river channel working.

Mr Salmon and Mrs Hoarty

What Matters

What Matters is the current name for our PSHE lessons in Years 10 and 11.  With my background in Psychology, experience in counselling and life-coaching as well as my more recent additions of hypnotherapy/psychotherapy I love having the opportunity to bring that deeper understanding to our students.  I’m also in the very lucky position where I can create lessons to respond to my students’ needs and requests.  Our What Matters ‘button’ on the LP gives our students a confidential way of sharing their concerns and if anything is going on in their life at school that they feel they can’t share directly or face-to-face.  We have had students use this very respectfully and they have been able to make us aware of issues that are concerning them and areas of interest they’d like to learn more about.  This is giving us an insight into the culture within the different year groups.

In response to some of these comments I was able to teach additional lessons to Years 10 and 11 on Relationships incorporating Safe Sex (yes, condoms on carrots!) as well as give them links to lots of helpful websites that are really informative and clear.  I make sure that anything we have learnt in these lessons, as well as the links to helpful websites, is available on the LP so they can access it at any time. Parents are also informed before the lessons about their content.

More recently I have had students letting me know how stressed they are.  We are so fortunate to have students with us that are conscientious and hard-working but sometimes this can get too much for them.  I have taken assemblies on mindfulness, growth mindset and so on, but sometimes it is easy for our pupils to forget that information and how to put the knowledge into practise.  So, this term I have been teaching students in Year 10 about our wonderful brains and the four characters in our brains!  I have used information from Jill Bolte Taylor’s book ‘Whole Brain Living: The Anatomy of Choice and the Four Characters That Drive Our Life‘.  I would strongly recommend this to you.  I first came across Jill Bolte Taylor from her Ted Talk ‘My Stroke of Insight’ and often use this video in Psychology lesson when we’re learning about Biopsychology and Localisation of Function.  Once I have taught students about the four characters and why we respond the way we do when stressed or anxious (this is down to our character 2!) I guide them through a Visualisation that they can easily use at home.  Do chat to your Year 10 students about this.  Next academic year I will be teaching Year 8 to Year 11 PSHE and will be teaching them all skills on how to handle stress right at the start of the year.

Ms Ghinn

Hundertwasser-inspired tiles by Year 9

Year 1 

Year 1 have been enjoying their ‘All About Worthing’ and took an historic trip around the town centre on Friday 27th May where they will meet a local restauranteur and historian. By the time you read this, they may even have had an ice cream on the pier!

We have also learnt about the work of Wassily Kandinski. The children created wonderful geometric circles which look stunning.

In Mathematics, the children have been learning about pictograms, number bonds and multiples of 10. In our English work, the children have been looking at the differences between fiction and non-fiction books; we have learnt lots about whales in the process!

Look at this wonderful cake modelled on the Dome!

Year 8 Chaucer Drama

Year 8 performing personified roles in a medieval tavern based on Chaucer.

Rounders News

A huge ‘well done’ to the U14 rounders team who won the West Sussex PE Association district tournament. They were undefeated all evening against six schools!
Well done, too, to the U14 mixed rounders team who scored an impressive 24 rounders against Bohunt!

Visit from the Congregational Schools Team

We enjoyed hosting a visit from the Congregational Schools Team this term with visitors from Costa Rica, France, Canada and the USA. They were most complimentary about what they witnessed on their tours of the school.

Senior School SALAD Day

The day was spent focusing on speaking and listening in all areas of the curriculum, showing the power of language.

Junior School Art Gallery

Year 6 take on Bowles Rocks

Dutch Garden Progression

The Dutch Garden Greening project continues with the area now beginning to come to life thanks to the hard work of the students (along with Mrs Hoarty and Mr Salmon). Sadly next door’s scaffolding has impacted on it opening up to the students at lunchtime for the moment.

SFA Half Term Round up

What a wonderful start to summer term. The SFA were able to support teaching staff in Junior School to host a joy filled celebration of our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

With songs readings, crown decorating, jelly and ice cream kindly donated by Plant Based Kitchens and to top it off a bake sale which raised £107 to support SFA activities within Junior School. A day to remember.

We are delighted to announce the return of after school ice lollies on a Friday.

Our Summer Fair will take place on the 2nd of July 1000-1200 and we can’t wait to welcome you all.

If you are a parent or guardian of a junior school child and would like to become an SFA member we would love you to join us. Please contact Leighann Li via the School Officer for details of our next meeting.

Leighann Li and Jo Steiner
C0-chairs SFA

Pic N Mix Drawings from Year 7

Year 13 Geography

The Year 13 geographers completed a residential fieldtrip staying overnight at PGL in Osmington Bay in early May. They completed fieldwork on beach profiles and coastal management over two days including a trip to Lyme Regis on the second day. The A-Level students gained invaluable experience of how sea defences at Lyme Regis worked and were able to evaluate their strengths and weakness. Mrs Hoarty and Mr Salmon would like to commend the students on their hard work and enthusiasm right up until the end of the course. Best of luck to George, Louis, Lucas, Daniel, Devansh and David in their exams this summer and options after.

Year 4 Recycling

Last term Year 4 had a recycling project where they collected crisp packets to add to a recycling initiative. These helped raise £7,000 for various projects.

Worthing Music and Arts Festival Speech and Drama Results

Here are the Worthing Music and Arts Festival Speech and Drama results from the event held in March.

40 of the children from the Junior and Senior school took part – all performed really well and were awarded certificates.

Year 2: Hannah 3rd solo verse

Year 3: Rocco 1st prose reading and 2nd solo verse

Maya 3rd prose reading

Year 4: Gethin 3rd solo verse

Year 5: Tilly 1st duologue, 2nd prose reading and 3rd solo verse and solo drama

Mia J 2nd duologue, 2nd prose reading and 3rd solo verse

Mia G 2nd duologue

Ava 1st solo verse and 3rd solo drama. Ava also qualified for the grand finals.

Jack 2nd solo drama

Year 7: Roman 1st prose reading, 2nd solo verse and solo drama. Roman qualified for the grand finals.

Olivia 3rd solo verse and solo drama

Year 8: Annie 1st duologue, 1st prose reading, 3rd solo verse and 2nd solo drama. Annie qualified for the grand finals.

Sofia 1st duologue, 1st solo verse, 3rd prose reading.

Congratulations to all involved.

Student News

County Qualifier success for Viona

Congratulations to Viona who took part in a county qualifier swimming gala. Overall in the U13 category she came 3rd against all the other teams from the South East Region, taking part in the 50m breastroke and backstroke, the 100m breastroke and backstroke and the 200m breakstroke.

Amy belongs to the national and internationally competitive cheerleading club ‘Zodiac Allstars’ in Lancing. Cheerleading is a team sport which is a mixture of gymnastics, stunts and dance.

Amy was selected to be in a team called ‘Mint’ to travel to Orlando, Florida to compete in a a major competition called ‘The Summit’ which was held over a few days.  Zodiac Allstars ‘Mint’ successfully went on to win the title of Champions out of the 39 teams in their division L1 U17. Amy thoroughly enjoyed the experience of competing at such a prestigious event!

16 great things to do this May half term!