At Our Lady of Sion Junior School, we passionately believe that happy children thrive; every child’s wellbeing is always our first priority. We work hard to develop a strong home-school partnership and excellent communication.

With an inspiring, creative and dynamic curriculum, children are supported and challenged at every stage of their learning journey. At the heart of all we do, we foster a love of learning, nurturing enquiring minds and stimulating excitement in the world around us. Building resilience and developing an aptitude to be solution-focused rather than problem-driven, we are preparing children for the future that is not yet known.

Boldly ambitious, our ‘High Challenge, Low Threat’* approach accelerates the learning for children in our care.

Our highly-qualified, passionate and enthusiastic teachers engage children in a curriculum which is truly relevant to them. We seek to inspire and nurture talents which enable children to flourish.

Children benefit from being taught in small form groups throughout their time in the Junior School, with the added benefit of specialist teachers for Music, Physical Education and French. As part of our ongoing preparation for Senior School, Year 6 are also taught Science by teachers in the Laboratories. We pride ourselves on the consistency of our approach and excellent level of pastoral care. Every child is known and they know that they are known.

Every stage of the children’s academic development is carefully tracked, monitored and reflected upon, so that their needs are met. Using GL Assessment enables us to make diagnostic assessments of the children’s key skills, enabling a truly tailored programme of development as they progress through the school.

The Junior School is housed in Westbrooke, just a short walk from the excellent facilities of the Senior School in Gratwicke Road, of which we are able to make full use. Our school building was originally a large Victorian home and it still retains a welcoming feel contributing to the secure, family atmosphere central to the character of the School.

Our town centre location means that we are able to make the most of what the local area has to offer; from beach visits to exploring the exhibitions and galleries. With a fleet of minibuses and being but a 10 minute walk from the station enables children to benefit from a range of exciting opportunities, carefully planned to further enrich the curriculum.

Our Lady of Sion School; an outstanding education in a caring family community.

*Mary Myatt