Welcome to our Newsletter 

I love the arrival of spring.  There is a freshness to nature – a surging energy – and it always feels to me that we are being offered a fresh start.

We find promise in the shift of the seasons. Just as new leaves sprout from previously bare trees, remember that we can also endeavour to reset our own situations with a mindful and tenacious shift in perspective.

We have all been very impressed with how our young people have continued to explore and discover new knowledge with spring-like vitality and application.

They continue to blossom as individuals whilst adding something very special to the whole garden – our Sion community.

As we seem to be emerging from the frost and bite of the pandemic winter, we all remain focused on continued global unrest.

However, for this moment, simply enjoy the glorious moments captured here in this newsletter.

I remain ever impressed and always proud of your children.

Thank you for being part of this community.

Mr Steven Jeffery


Senior School Spring Concert

Junior School Inter house Easter Basket Decorating 


Flora wins ISA Poetry Competition and the Rotary Club Young Writers Award

Congratulations to Year 11 student Flora who has won both the Senior Category of the ISA Poetry Competition, and the Rotary Club Young Writers Award.
With a topic of ‘environment’ (a topic close to Flora’s heart), she won the Worthing Rotary Club Young Writers Award which meant she progressed to the District competition, which she also won. Her piece has now been put forward to the National competition.
In the ISA Poetry Competition where she won the Senior Category, author Steven Camden who judged the final round, says of her poem: “Holy smokes. This was stunning. So much to unpick. I can feel the thought and feeling that you have poured into this. Amazing”.
My Big Mouth

Another name in the firing range, a target in sights, distant confrontation
Like a drone strike, with fingers on the trigger
A volley of vicious vowels, sadistic sibilance to cut deep in thick skins
A constant cacophony of consonants attacks.

Alliteration wounds the weak, a stream of assonance filling eyes, spilling tears
Such pain cannot be spelled out, no weapons available to defend
Trapped in tongue tied torture. The silence speaks for itself.

‘Ugly’ ‘fat’ ‘disgusting’ ‘kill yourself’ – the combat continues for evermore
The attacks like incessant waves, pounding fragile shores
Enemies advance further as the vanquished retreat in panic, their world crumbling.

Reality disintegrates
Each callous comment fragments the pillars of trust, the fabric of life blown up
One solitary tweet triggers onslaught, others scent blood. An army waits ready.

They caress the grenades resting in their hands, cradling the newfound power
Tyrannical possibilities lie before them
A war of words lingers. A pained frontier moves forward.

Each soldier faces an inner struggle but this becomes a collective trauma
Hurt channelled through the barrel of a gun, charged in a phone screen
Those loading the cannon felled by its recoil, all shattered by shell shock
The hater becomes the hated, becomes the hater. The predator the prey who bites back.

Locked in an eternal spiral of isolation
Their incendiary invective fired like mortar into a virtual No Man’s Land
Raw craters, like shrapnel wounds, scar souls – pain is set loose
Free in a twisted release. Warped healing from the chasms of reality.

Later – too late
Sorrow and guilt, or the fear of retribution, brings about search for appeasement
And the liars’ excuse – ‘Me and my big mouth’

A distorted insult hangs in the air, though silence clings on like a lonely survivor
Rotting words line the battlefields but decay eventually
Discarded to the backs of minds. A new target is set.

Year 2 Beach School

Year 2 had a wonderful time sketching on the beach.

Les Misérables Drama Workshop 

Our drama students enjoyed a Les Misérables workshop before watching a performance of the show at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton.  A fantastic experience for them!

Debating Teams compete in Rotary Club Competition

On Saturday 12th March, our Intermediate and Senior Debate Teams competed at the Regional Rotary Club Debate Competition held at Bohunt School.
Congratulations to the Intermediate Team who have progressed through to the next stage of the competition!
We are so proud of both our teams – the standard of debate was incredibly high! Students, parents and Rotary Club members thoroughly enjoyed a morning of public speaking.
Intermediate: Annie, Sofia and Lily
Senior: Flora, Lexie and Seb.

Early Years have been busy

Year 7 Tangrams

The Maths Department adapted the classic Chinese Tangrams for a Year 7 Easter challenge. Students “unscrambled ‘ a Tangram egg to make a variety of birds! (The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat polygons, called tans, which are put together to form shapes.)

Senior School Inter House Art Competition

The competition asked students to create an original artwork using food.  Congratulations to the following students:

1st – Owen  (Sea creature scene)
2nd – Frannie  (portrait with kale for hair)
3rd – Harriet (spider with banana legs)

Special commendations to the following students for their creativity:

Mimi, Emma and Charlie


Year 5 and 6 Football v Sompting Abbotts

The team very much enjoyed their fixture at Sompting Abbotts.


Year 6 Penpal Easter Messages

Year 6 have sent Easter cards to their French penpals at St Pierre du Rondeau which is the primary school of our sister school, Notre Dame de Sion, in Grenoble.

Year 13 Geography Fieldtrip 

The Year 13 Geographers visited Old Harry Rocks at Studland on Monday 4th April after crossing Poole Harbour using the chain Ferry at Sandbanks. As part of the study of coastal processes for A-Level, the group then moved onto Lulworth Cove with a hike up and over to Durdle Door before returning home. The trip was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances, however we will be returning after Easter to complete the study of coastal management at Lyme Regis which the 6 students, Mr Salmon and Mrs Hoarty are very much looking forward to.


Year 10 and 11 Football

An excellent 9-a-side friendly game against St Oscar Romero for our Year 10 and 11 footballers. Well done to Jed and Troy who were players of the match.

Good Manners Poem

Mr Staggs did an assembly all about manners and how ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ is so important.  He asked Olivia in Year 2  to read out this poem – she had never seen it before but she read it beautifully!

Plant Based School Kitchens Newsletter 


County Cross Country

Well done to our team of runners who competed at the Sussex Schools County Cross Country Championships at Christs Hospital.


Year 7 Micro:bits

Year 7 are learning to program micro:bits in their Computer Science lesson, playing the maths game Salute! The cards are programmed to randomly display different numbers and using their maths skills the students have to guess the number. Coding, maths and teamwork in a lesson!

Year 6 Art

Sixth Form Activities

The Sixth Form have enjoyed trampolining and spin classes during their enrichment afternoons.

Year 5 and 6 Netball

Well done to the Year 5 and 6 netball team.  At a recent tournament at Oakwood, they won 2 games, lost 2 and drew 3!

Year 8 Art – Mechanical Objects

Year 3 Egyptian Topic

Year 3 have been learning all about the Egyptians this term. This cross curricular topic has included: mummifying tomatoes to understand the process of mummification, writing an article as a journalist after interviewing Howard Carter, making Egyptians artifacts as Creative Prep and visiting a museum. Their assembly told the story of the discovery of the tomb.

Hockey in the sunshine

School Games Tournament

Year 7 came 3rd in the School Games Tournament. Well done to Amy for receiving Player of the Tournament, going above and beyond in every single game!

Year 6 Swimming Gala

Well done to everyone in Year 6 who swam so well in their recent swimming gala a- all the medal winners were presented their medals and certificates in assembly. Congratulations to MC who broke two school records and to Dejaun who won gold medals for all his races.

World Book Day across the school

The Junior School held a special World Book Day assembly. The children enjoyed sharing their costumes!

Thank you to all the senior school students who took part in World Book Day so enthusiastically. Here are the competition winners:
Teacher’s Favourite Book – Max, Emma and Frannie –Year 7 Gamma
Guess the Book in the Jar – Tallulah and Georgina in Year 9 and Frannie, Emma and Max in Year 7. The book was Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Egg Book Characters – Owen, Charlie, Daisy, Olivia and Jack
Book in a Jar – Phoebe
Year 7 took a slightly different approach to World Book Day – sharing and describing their favourite books with their classmates! ‘The girl in the locked room’ got the most votes for the book that everyone thought they would read.

Mixed Netball v Bohunt

Well done to the team who won 21-14

Royal Academy Young Artists

The Senior School has submitted work to the Royal Academy for their Young Artists Summer Exhibition.  Sadly we can’t show the GCSE and A Level work from Lottie, Harry, Orla, Manvi, Oliver, Maddie, Erin, Pheobe, Bea, Lara and Thomas as it forms part of their exam portfolio.  Fingers crossed for your all.


Year 9 Hundertwasser-inspired Clay Tiles

Netball against Angmering

Some great matches against Angmering from our Years 7, 8 and 9 students!

Year 4 Titanic Topic

As part of their creative curriculum, Year 4 have been learning all about The Titanic.  They have learnt about the Arctic and Antarctic, painted pictures of the Titanic, floated boats and had a Titanic Day where they were real people who were on the Titanic (not learning their fate until the end of the day).

Springboard Festival Piano Competition

Three of Miss Liu’s piano pupils, Mayumi, Jack and India, participated in the Springboard Festival in Brighton. Jack played Allegro by Thomas Atwood and India played The Buccaneer by Malcolm Arnold. Mayumi played in two competitive classes. She came first place playing The Swing by Chee-Hwa Tan and third place playing Cockatoo by Elissa Milne. They all played so well!

Year 10 ‘What Matters’

Acorn Pregnancy Counselling Centre, a local Worthing Charity, has come into our Year 10 What Matters [RSE] lessons delivering a lesson on unexpected pregnancies.  Year 10 really engaged with our speakers, who voluntarily give up their time to deliver this lesson to as many schools in Worthing as they can.  They talk about the pregnancy timeline, the options available if a girl gets pregnant and how to access their non-biased services.  I was just a little bit amused that, when asked about the positives and negatives of each pregnancy option (adoption, parenting or termination), the students found it really difficult to think of any positives for parenting!  Thankfully one of them said, “At our age, it isn’t a positive thing.”  I was really quite relieved that they didn’t think parenting was a bad idea and were being wonderfully sensible!

Ms Ghinn

Junior School Art Club Japanese Blossoms

SFA News

We are very pleased to report that we have been able to agree to fund the following wonderful items for Junior School:

  • Over 150 Easter Eggs for the Big Junior School Egg Hunt
  • Contribution towards the Year 1 and 2 trip to the Brighton Toy Museum
  • A new outdoor table tennis table for the playground
  • A new water play tray for Early Years
  • Contribution towards PSHEE Journals for Year 5

We have also ordered this year’s Year 6 Leavers hoodies, so do look out for these coming home with all Year 6 children next term.

We are determined to keep the fun coming during the rest of this school year. Look out for announcements about fun events coming soon!

In the meantime, don’t forget to make use of our hugely successful second-hand uniform “shop” run by Miss Thompson.  Please do keep your donations of clean uniform coming in to help us stock the shop, and we can continue to make this a great success!

Kate Lambie will retire as Chair next term, and we are looking for new SFA members – our meetings are now held by video call, and with less “whole school” events planned, there’s never been a better time to get involved without the usual time commitment. We’d love to welcome new members with fresh ideas and skills, so do let Mrs Pearson or Miss Thompson know if you would be interested in joining us.

Years 1 and 2 visit the Toy Museum 

Year 1 have had a fabulous term: topped off with a trip to the Brighton Toy Museum where the children saw and experienced toys from the Victorian era. The children all behaved impeccably and thoroughly enjoyed the day: from the exciting train journey through to a wonderful puppet show. The Toy Topic has been thoroughly enjoyable and the children have loved it!

Year 13 Psychology

In Psychology, Year 13 have been doing revision lessons as they completed the course content a little while ago.  They are working hard and getting ready for their A’ Level exams in May and June.

Year 4 Mothers’ Day Cards

Year 7 Cake Mixed Media


Junior School Easter activities

Year 5 visit Marwell Zoo

As part of their Rainforest Topic, Year 5 spent the day at Marwell Zoo.

During their Rainforest Day, the children made ‘moving toys’ of the animals, and, as a treat, got to watch Rio 2 to bring the Rainforest to life!

Year 3 Beach School

Year 3 combed the beach looking for endoskeletons and exoskeletons during their beach school session.

Year 6 Research the Victorian Era

Year 6 have been learning about Victorian inventors.  Here are three very creative presentations, showcasing Braille, the bicycle and Morse Code.

As part of their creative prep tasks, Year 6 produced silhouette portraits in the style of a Victorian painting.  Some of the likenesses are uncanny!

Year 6 role of the magistrate

Year 6 have been learning all about the law and the role of the magistrate. They have also found out, from the age of 10, what parts of the law applies to them!

Year 5 Food and Nutrition

Year 5 made Soda bread during their Food and Nutrition lesson.

Inter house Pancake Races

Who doesn’t love a pancake race – even if it is tortillas that are masquerading as pancakes….

Junior School Fundraising

An update on some of the fundraising from the Junior School – £273.90  was raised during November’s Poppy Appeal, £89 for Comic relief, along with £126.60 from the Year 4 Cake Sale in aid of Ukraine.  Early Years also raised a further £152 for Ukraine from their cake sale. Thank you to everyone’s support

Student News

Belle at the Artistic Gymnastics National

Belle competed in the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics National 3 pre grades Miss Quatro cup 2022 in Wiltshire. She worked really hard and come 3rd AA 🥉 out of 20 girls from across the country. (The top 3 scores were very close with only 0.3 marks in it!)  She was also awarded for each piece that she competed on , which is a fabulous achievement! Belle will be competing the same skills at her National grades in Guildford next month.

Ollie successful trial at Portsmouth FC

Congratulations to Ollie who following a trial with Portsmouth FC has been asked to train at the Academy. Ollie currently plays for Worthing FC U16 but in the County League U18 league. He also was given the opportunity of being part of Worthing FC first team non playing squad v Lewes, involved in the warm up with the first team keeper. He then in front of 2,500 people represented Worthing FC as the goalkeeper in the half time penalty shootout. A great experience!

Ciara dancing her way to success

Congratulations to Ciara who had a very successful dance competition recently – winning the solo, slow, slow pairs and pairs categories!

Selina and Surrey Storm

Well done to Selina who has been nominated to trial for the U15 Surry Storm squad for the School Games.

Max wins Kickboxing Competition

Well done to Max who has done really well in a recent Kickboxing competitions. He won the ‘Points’ discipline and came 3rd in the ‘continuous fighting’ category!

Elected to Youth Parliament

Congratulations to Flora who is a newly elected Deputy Member of the Youth Parliament!

Future Student News

If anyone has Student News that they wish to have included, please send it to Mrs Beard (beardj@sionschool.org.uk)

Muddy Stilettos Easter Newsletter

If you are looking for ideas for the Easter Holidays, here is a link to the Muddy Stilettos Easter Guide

Sussex Easter holiday guide!


You have reached the end of our newsletter. We hope you enjoyed reading about some of the learning, activities and events that have taken place this term. 

Have a lovely Easter break!