All students study Food and Nutrition in Years 7, 8 and 9. Students can opt to take Food Preparation and Nutrition for GCSE.  Food and Nutrition is taught largely in the cookery room, and use is made of the School’s computer suite, and the Resource Centre computers where students have access to a specialist nutrition analysis programme.

The Food and Nutrition Department seeks to develop knowledge and skills to enable students to plan, prepare and cook meals in the home based on current dietary guidelines.

By the end of Year 9 it is hoped that all students will have gained a basic knowledge of food preparation and cookery, along with an understanding of nutrition and healthy eating, so that they may be capable of looking after themselves and/or others in a healthy and safe way.

In order that each student can develop their skills to their full potential the students are encouraged to be as independent as possible and to draw on knowledge and situations encountered in previous years.

As emphasis is placed on the active acquisition of knowledge, enjoyment forms an integral part of the learning process. The active participation of students encourages them to think critically, make informed choices and respect the views of others.

Mrs C Stacey BSc Cert Ed
Teacher of Food & Nutrition