Business Studies is offered at both GCSE and A level.

Business Studies encourages students to develop an interest in the business world whilst also providing an insight into future career opportunities. It is an intellectually stimulating and rigorous course that develops a student’s interest in the external environment (which includes the workings of the UK economy) that businesses operate within, whilst also giving an insight into how global businesses influence our everyday lives.

Consider the following:

  • How might UK businesses be affected by the referendum decision to leave the EU?
  • How was Apple able to make $42bn profit last year?
  • How can SnapChat  be valued at £20bn, yet it is still to make a profit?
  • What strategies might Marks and Spencer adopt to improve its performance?
  • Why are staff satisfaction surveys so positive at Innocent Smoothies?

All these questions are examples which demonstrate how business is an ever-changing subject which is a part of our daily lives, and which can therefore make for highly interesting study.  Business Studies is a subject which requires students to consider possible solutions to business case study problems, many of which are based on ‘real-life’ examples.  It therefore does help if students who choose to take the subject have some interest in the companies and financial markets sections of newspapers, or any business stories reported on television.  Recent changes to exam board specifications mean that there are many more business theories for students to study at A level, making it much more ‘scientific-like.’  Students must then apply this theory to case study examples and make a decision as to what is relevant and applicable.

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Mr D Buchanan QTS
Teacher of Business Studies