When determination comes from within, the achievements are boundless.

A*- A – 53%

A*- C – 93%

During what has been an extraordinary and challenging academic year, Our Lady of Sion A Level students have shown resilience, drive, self-motivation and an unwavering devotion to achieve outstanding outcomes.  A commitment to achieve potential with steadfast focus on achieving enviable places in the most celebrated universities in the UK has enabled these young people to ride the storm of the Covid19 lockdown, crossing the finish-line victoriously.

Our whole school community joins together to celebrate these splendid results.  Sion students encourage one another to aim high and find intrinsic satisfaction through hard work and dedication. When that determination comes from within, the achievements are boundless.

Outstanding Individual Achievements

  • Anthony – 5xA* Mathematics at Pembroke College, Cambridge University.  (He also achieved ALL grade 9s at GCSE)
  • Isobel – 4xA* History/French at Bristol University
  • Oliver – 2xA* 2xA – Physics at Bath University
  • Mark – 3xA* 2xA Maths at University College London (UCL)
  • Anna – 2xA* 2A Dentistry at King’s College London
  • Oscar – 4xA Law at Exeter
  • Victoria – 3xA A*B currently exploring various options open to her.

Brinder Martin (Head of Sixth Form) said, “I am so very happy for our students.  They have been through a very difficult time and it is so good that they have achieved such splendid results”.

Anna Sayegh (student) “I am feeling ecstatic! I am very pleased! I have got a place at King’s College, which is my dream-university.  I am going to study Dentistry.  I am just so excited.”

Helen Davis (Acting Deputy) “Congratulations to all Sion students in this unprecedented exam series.  You are all exceptional in my eyes and I am very proud of you all”.

Acting Head, Steve Jeffery said, “We are all very moved by the outstanding achievements of our young people.  They have worked hard for these terrific results and they unquestionably deserve them.  Where there are anomalies, we shall explore this further, as we know our students very well and all results must therefore reflect the hard work and dedication seen each day here in Sion.  I am forever proud of every young person with whom I am fortunate enough to meet within this school.  I applaud all young people, their parents or guardians and all teachers for their extraordinary resilience and perseverance incessantly present during the Covid19 home-schooling period.”

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Steve G Jeffery

Acting Head