Is Our Lady of Sion School the first school to create its own ‘Technology Museum’?

Having been inspired by a London trip to the #designermakeruser Exhibition at the Design Museum, Sion students and teachers have created their own version.

Mr Adrian Sefton, Teacher of Design & Technology said, “September saw the introduction of a new GCSE Computer Science and we thought it was a good opportunity to reflect on how the technology has evolved. The space has been developed using retro gadgets and technology, so students are able to observe the relationship with their current technology and its historical relations”.

Parents and teachers have supported the initiative and have offered some amazing donations including a 1980s Apple PC, a 1970s polaroid camera, a 1940s typewriter, 1980s Walkman, vinyl records, VHS tapes, Nintendo … but the school is still looking for donations.

Sion hopes the collection will develop over time as technology moves forward and would always welcome new additions.