Blaise is a Year 10 student at Our Lady of Sion School.  She has just completed a summer NASA Space Camp in America.

In her own words:

“I have recently come back from Space Camp and it was definitely the most amazing week of my life! The camp grounds were astonishing, with huge rockets, planes and simulators everywhere.

Every day we would wake up and do activities with our teams, our two main activities were the missions. We were given jobs and then as a team we had to fly a real space craft! I was given the pilot, which I really enjoyed as I got to experience flying a shuttle and I managed to land it without crashing…

On our second mission I was based in mission control (capcom) where I had to speak to the astronauts, this was a little stressful but extremely fun all the same.

Among the missions, we had lots of lectures and lessons about the different historical space missions and those who embarked on them. We also met astronaut Bob Springer and listened to his story in the IMAX. We went to Area 51 to carry out team building activities and made our own rockets and heat shields. We later also went to swimming to experience activities in a weightless environment. We would wake up at 6:00am and go to bed at 10:00pm so it was a very full on day!

The people were very welcoming and I made friends for life – our team got along extremely well which was a huge bonus. Our graduation was also amazing as we got to hear speakers from space x and Boeing before we went up on the stage.

There were huge space stations indoors where we did EVAs and experienced what it is like on the ISS.

I learnt so much and made unforgettable memories at Space Camp, I even cried when leaving!

The week before this I went to Oxford University which was equally amazing, the sights and lessons opened my eyes to real university life. I really enjoyed learning higher science and maths and made lots of friends there too! “

Blaise hasn’t quite decided whether she wants to be an astronaut or a scientist, finding a cure for cancer!