School inspectors give Our Lady of Sion School top marks for student wellbeing and praise students’ ‘excellent attitude to learning’

We are delighted to publish our Independent Schools Inspectorate Reports which has given us top marks for the way we help our students develop their self-confidence and self-esteem, preparing them for life outside of school. Inspectors also highlighted our students’ ‘excellent attitude to learning’ and identified our teachers as ‘well-qualified’ with a ‘passion for their subjects. We were also highly praised for the way our students work with each other, the respect they show to others and their ’emotional resilience.’

Dr Simon Orchard commented that ‘At a time when negative headlines about young people’s mental wellbeing are filling the front pages, we’re immensely proud to be recognised for the work we are doing in this area. Our starting point is that children do not learn well, and will struggle to go on to lead happy and productive lives, unless they feel positive about themselves and their abilities. Through an innovative curriculum, and a dedicated staff team, we ensure that all children can explore their talents, try things out and be challenged and supported to be their best in a small, caring environment.’